Whiskey Business: Working Hard

Steve Steward
I’m gonna just throw this out there because it’s come up in conversation enough times in the past month that I can’t not mention it: “Whiskey Business” is not an awesome name for a bar. Yes, it’s a perfectly service...


Cocktail Week Is Here

Susie Geissler
When I moved to Fort Worth 12 years ago, Last Call would have been a harder column to write. Borrowing the style of LL Cool J, I could just say week after week, “The stool? Round. Bud? Tall. It’s kinda dusty in the corners....


Cocktail Week A-Cometh

Steve Steward
Real talk: I would honestly rather discuss Marvel’s Luke Cage than talk about Fort Worth nightlife this week. Oh, don’t worry. This is a column about bars, after all, so I’ll get to the part about what bar-related social ...


What Is Lone Star Oyster Bar?

Susie Geissler
It’s a typical afternoon in southwest Fort Worth. There are jackhammers outside ripping the once quiet residential street into an open crater of busted concrete, under the guise of infrastructure improvement. In spite of the ...

Co-owner Glen Keely says that the response to Poag’s new policy has been overwhelmingly positive. Photo by Vishal Malhotra.

Smoke-Free Poag’s: Success

Steve Steward
A few months ago, I wrote a pair of columns (one in May, the other in June) about Smoke-Free Fort Worth, the new nonprofit campaigning for a comprehensive ban on smoking in the workplace. In the interest of judiciously utilizin...


A Little Pain and Fermented Grain

Susie Geissler
I’m precariously perched atop an unwelcoming bar stool, waiting out steel blue thunderheads, and drinking a jalapeño martini as Tom Waits growls, “I like my town with a little drop of poison” into my frontal lobe. Not th...


Last Call

Steve Steward
The Hideout: Not too Hidden Per my fascination with suburban watering holes, I stopped in this place in North Richland Hills called The Hideout the other day, a bar I’d noticed while trying to get to Northeast Mall. If you li...


Del Frisco’s Grille Is Safe … -Ish

Susie Geissler
Not to get all Marathon Man up in here, but whenever I venture somewhere new, I have a feedback loop in my brain that says, “Is it safe?” It’s not like the places I check out for this column offer dental surgery behind a ...


Fill ’er Up at Daiquiri Daddi

Steve Steward
I kill a lot of time driving around, and for whatever reason (nostalgia, imagined nostalgia), I gravitate to the ruins of ancient strip malls and shopping centers, the ghost towns of vacant office suites and “For Lease” sig...


Any Given Sunday at Silver Leaf

Susie Geissler
I have a face that encourages men to explain things to me. Within minutes of sitting down at a typical cigar lounge, some guy will end up imparting unsolicited and often wildly inaccurate information about spirits, stogies, and...