Anthony’s Time to Shine

Fort Worth Weekly
I was in a friend’s wedding on Saturday, so I had the whole weekend off, since the rehearsal was on Friday evening and the ceremony/reception Saturday night. No shift to work, no show to play, just me and a bunch of people I ...


And Your Name Is?

Names are important. If you’re arbitrary and contrary like I am, the words “Fat” or “Daddy” in a bar’s moniker almost guarantee I’ll never set foot inside. I guess what frustrates me the most is what I perceive to...


Rooster Still Roosting

Maybe it was because I went to California last week, or maybe I just didn’t sit in front of Facebook all day like I usually do, but somehow I missed some recent drama between the Wild Rooster’s old boss and its new one. I d...


Food Goes in Here

Last Call
About a month and a half ago, a woman came into The Boiled Owl Tavern on the Near South Side during my happy hour shift and asked for a glass of wine. She looked at our bottles, frowning. “I guess I’ll take the Malbec,” s...



Fort Worth Weekly
At some point in life, a person quits going out during the week, whether it’s a matter of funds, kids, ankle monitors, or any of the other endlessly limiting obligations relevant to being an adult. But if you can shake free a...


Wonderful World

Last Call
Whenever I’ve been asked or allowed to make up my own special at a bar I’m pouring at, I usually try to make it relevant to heavy metal or at least to the mildly satanic. When I was at the dearly departed Moon by TCU, I mad...

Put Bronson Rock on your Memorial Day itinerary.

Look Out, Keller

Last Call
My inspection sticker is out of date again, and I feel a little exposed, which is why I’ve been mostly staying in my neighborhood to drink lately. I definitely wouldn’t risk driving to a place like Keller and getting drinks...


More than 50/50

Last Call
Two friends were celebrating their birthdays on Saturday, and their combo party teamed up with another friend’s graduation celebration, the resulting booze chimera taking shape at the 50/50 Club on Jacksboro Highway. Jacksbor...


Upward to The Basement Bar

Last Call
Have you read the big (long-winded?) cover story yet (pg. 9)? Well, speaking of live music venues, have you been to The Basement Bar? Because it’s a pretty legit place for a show. I feel like it flies under Clubland’s radar...


Time to Fly

Last Call
On Sunday the Star-Telegram ran a story about Marcial Ortega, a man serving time for murder after he got drunk, got behind the wheel, and rammed a station wagon at freeway speed, killing 4-year-old Kaitlyn Sanchez in the crash....