Fairmount Trying to Stay Afloat

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Owners of The Fairmount, the large music venue on the South Side, have until Thursday to generate $25,000 to pay taxes, insurance premiums, and a renewed license with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission — TABC license...

Eat, Drink, Be Merry, Eat

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Being encouraged to drink and then write about it has its perks, don’t get me wrong. But after drinking and listening to good music, I usually want something to eat. And a lot of local places fit for drinking aren’t...

Free Wine, No Kidding

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The owners of Grand Cru Wines in the Overton Ridge shopping center are giving their wine away. Seriously.

Living the High(lands) Life

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Week by week, the retail sprawl just oozes further in the Arlington Highlands Lifestyle Center. For reasons I may never know, one of the streets is named after a bankrupt Garland-based television manufacturer. If you follow Cur...

Gotta Grotto

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The homey Blue Grotto has always been its own little thing in a good location: A wine-bottle toss from a legendary Italian restaurant and across the street from a legendary oyster bar; a good, strong power walk from the West 7t...


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Aventino in West Fort Worth has been owned by Al Paez and family since 1982. Aventino’s Ristorante, as it was known back in the day, closed last summer for expansion and remodeling. Al credits daughter Erica and son Derri...

Be Cool

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“Dennis,” according to Dennis, was once, a long time ago, a superstar pool hustler in Las Vegas, a quaint little locale you may have heard of. “I was so good,” he said, “no one would shoot me.̶...

In The Zone

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My buddy Len says nobody needs to venture east of I-35. For any reason. Len’s like Amon Carter, who was rumored to have toted a sack lunch on his rare trips to Dallas because he hated that city so much that he didn’...

Just Lounging

Laurie Barker James
By day, Yucatan Taco Stand is a casual eatery serving up fresh, tasty Tex-Mex. At night, the place becomes Yucatan Lounge, a hotspot of DJ music and exotic drinks. Now, the word “lounge” can mean a couple of differe...

Striking Out

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Splitsville is my kinda place. I suck at bowling. I’m awesome at drinking. The high-end lane chain is opening its first Texas location in the Arlington Highlands early next month. Last week, a couple of other media types ...