Grillin’ in SoDo

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Restless restaurateur Jarrett Joslin almost dropped out of the scene when his last upscale venture, the lost and lamented Sapori, turned out not to attract the crowds he wanted in the burgeoning area on the southern end of down...

Rock Club 101

Last Call
The Cavern is a relatively new rock club in Big D, booked by Lance Yocom of Fort Worth’s Spune Productions.

One Trusty Concept, Two Clubs, One Star

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I won’t go as far as saying that the Big Apple is biting off us, but a new themed club just opened in the West Village that bears an awfully close resemblance to one of our relatively new themed clubs.


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As the old saying goes, “Some drink to remember, some drink to forget.” Last week, I found myself doing a lot of the latter after spending three days wrapped up in the new and final Harry Potter book. Sigh. I needed...

Something Old, Something New

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The concept is simple. Pay one cover charge and get access to a bunch of different clubs in the same building. City Streets has been doing it for years, and now West Exchange, a similar complex, has opened in the Stockyards.

Pretty, Tough

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If you’re like me, and I know you are, I bet you’ve been wondering, “Y’know, the great 817 just doesn’t have enough British-Irish-themed pubs.

Surviving Ovation

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I had heard all of the stories about Ovation, about how the restaurant was a physical manifestation of “Why can’t we all get along?” writ large, courtesy of executive chef Keith Hicks’ excellent gourmet ...

Sunday, Cruddy Sunday

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I’ve been in something of a rut lately, going to the same three or four bars and restaurants and not deigning to try anyplace else. So last Sunday, I set out to expand my point of party reference, and, boy, did I pick the...

At Your Service

Chow, Baby
It’s reader-service week here at Chow, Baby headquarters – not in the traditional journalistic “we’re here to serve the reader” use of the phrase, which is fine and all, but Chow, Baby prefers the ...

No Shame at the Sham

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I’ll be the first to admit that amorous couples who start getting busy in the middle of a crowded bar are annoying and ignorant. And, yes, I’m a hypocrite. I mean, who hasn’t had 19 shots of Jager and been gui...