Wasted Away Again …

Last Call
By the time we reached the lake, the rain had begun to fall. My wife and I have been living in Fort Worth for three years, and we’ve been to the lake only once.

Houston Street on the Rise?

Last Call
There’s just something about a rooftop patio bar that says “Life is good,” right? I mean, other than hanging out on the beach, what beats looking swell and sippin’ swill in the fresh, open evening air &#...

Don’t be Trippin’

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Remember when you were a kid, and you’d be sittin’ there in your living room on some random, lazy, summer Saturday afternoon, watching WWF wrestling or Gunsmoke reruns with your old man, and you’d hear the rin...

Free(-wheeling) Enterprise?

Last Call
Fort Worthian Dean Wilkin, according to a Star-Telegram story last week, is trying to open a strip club in Arlington. As you can imagine, he’s having a helluva time.

The Esoterica Empire

Last Call
Alcohol and sharp objects just don’t seem to go together. But if the good folks at Esoterica Salon say that booze and blades can coexist peacefully, then who are we to suggest otherwise?

High Speed on Ice

Last Call
For a native Yankee and hockey fan like me, there’s no more heartwarming feeling than walking into a Texas sports bar during the playoffs and seeing customers in sweaters.

Blues, on Main or in the House

This much about the Main Street Blues Room is true. It is located on Main Street, in historic Grapevine. It regularly hosts performances by blues artists. And it is a room. But the name is an understatement.

Tea Time

Last Call
Sometimes a little voice, one usually buried in one of the deeper chasms of my subconscious, emerges and takes over my brain – completely.

Blue Notes

Last Call
I’ve always had a fantasy about opening a punk-rock tiki bar. Think of it: a dark room with lots of bamboo crap, busted surfboards, torches on the patio, and a jukebox that has both Cecilio & Kapono and The Adolescents.

Smart, Not THCK

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Maybe it all started back when Sir Mix-a-Lot, a veritable Robert Frost among commercial-radio MC’s, said that he liked big butts and he could not lie. Ever since, guys from the city to the suburbs have been forthright in ...