The Roof is on Fire?

Last Call
Consuming mass amounts of alcohol with art all around and while on the roof of a building is normally something I advise against – novices and other college students are liable to get tipsy and, in their delirium, spill t...

Stars Over Cowtown

Last Call
I have no business being invited to elaborate private parties. I am by nature socially awkward, and I drink hard – a bad combo (especially for you, if you are within earshot or, after a certain point, haymaker-distance of...

Fresh-Air Booze Cabal

Last Call
For most of us scenesters above a certain age, drinking isn’t what it used to be. Most of us do it because we have to or else we’ll burst from stress, not because we want to. I can’t even remember the last tim...

Monster Mash

Last Call
Musicians keep this town fun. Case in point, last Saturday night. After a couple of entertaining but relatively mundane stops on the party train, one at the Shamrock Pub on West Seventh Street and another at Finn MacCool’...

The Land of Oz

Last Call
Nowadays, if you’re going to Deep Ellum just to hang – not to see a show – be aware that your options are pretty limited. Depending on your tastes, you’ll end up at any one of a few different joints: a d...

Arts Humping

The last time I went to a house party, I stumbled and busted my lip on an above-ground pool and ate an entire jar of peanut butter (but not at the same time), all before the evening degenerated into wildin’-style fisticuffs.

West-Ex Redux?

Last Call
West Exchange, a cluster of bars in one central location in the Stockyards, recently closed down after being open for barely three months. Sounds tragic, but, based on the backstory, it wasn’t entirely unexpected.

Stampede to The 6

Last Call
Even straight people know that the gay scene in Fort Worth is tiny, especially when compared to the Big D, whose scene is much older, more established, and diverse.

No Snobs Allowed

Last Call
There is a certain hipster cachet to flying in the face of convention, from sporting a hair-metal band t-shirt at a martini bar to taking ballet lessons to lose that last pesky 50 pounds to doing pretty much anything else that ...

Gallery Night Done Right

Last Call
Ah, Fall Gallery Night, an evening dedicated to free booze and food – if you can call cheese cubes and tiny, quartered sandwiches food – and fantastic local art.