Heart of Town

Last Call
Just when you thought downtown had lost some of its luster, along come a handful of new 76102 joints to object soundly.

Shallow People

Last Call
Let’s talk a little about pretentiousness. At some joints, you expect it. Like at Reata Rooftop, Michael’s Ancho Chile Bar, and other hoity-toity hang-outs. Too many of their staffers and regulars (not all of them!)...

He is Here?!

Last Call
Every Sunday afternoon for the past few months, folks have been gathering at a local watering hole to have some brew and … praise sweet baby Jesus?

Nothing to See, Officer, Move Along

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‘Round midnight last Saturday, after hitting the usual downtown stops and doing some gaming – craps, poker, dreidel (a.k.a. kosher craps), gin-rummy – I peeked into my wallet and discovered (“Holy shit!&...

Hottest Club North of Havana

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Clubs ’round here typically don’t open with much fanfare. Restaurants, sometimes. Hang-outs, uh-uh.

The Number of the Bistro

Dallas has a city magazine, and it’s called, well, D Magazine. I’ve never studied it, but I’ve looked it over while waiting in line at Tom Thumb and, boy, what great society photos! The space between the cover...

Marquee Michelada

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In an even bigger example of my unwillingness to commit to anything, my favorite drink changes from month to month. Sometimes, I feel like beer. Other times, martinis. Even other times, Grade-A whole milk. At the moment, I̵...

Going for the Gold

Last Call
OK, I like the chutzpah in this idea, but I’m not sure what to make of it. Last week, a couple of dozen folks took part in the Second Annual 7th Street Pub Crawl. Didn’t know there was one last year, but whatever.

Not Rocking, But Rolling

Last Call
Back in the good ol’ days (read: the Clinton administration), my entourage and I always made time to swing by a joint that’s been all but wiped off the Clubland map.

Fly Me to the Moon

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Airports get a bad rap. Sure, there’s the waiting and the people and the security guards who look a little too frickin cheerful to be watching for terrorists, and the dreadful food and the waiting and the cramped quarters...