First Look Again: Tokyo Café

Chow, Baby
I won’t pretend to be objective about the re-opening of Tokyo Café (5121 Pershing Av, 817-737-8568) this week. The venerable Japanese eatery has been shuttered for more than two years after a fire shut it down. When the plac...

The selection of charcuteries are the draw at Grapevine’s Great Scott. Photo by Kayla Stigall.

Praise the Pig

Great Scott aims to bring charcuterie to the masses in Grapevine.
Laurie Barker James
On the way to Grapevine’s Great Scott, you’ll drive by a Hooters and Pluckers to reach the small, unprepossessing building –– but don’t let the exterior or the neighbors fool you. It’s what’s inside Matthew Scott...

Courtesy Oni Ramen.

Ramen Re-Imagined. Again.

Chow, Baby
Remember when the ramen craze hit? Every writer in the world wrote some form of this sentence: “This isn’t your college dorm room ramen.” Or: “Chef So-And-So is turning everyone’s favorite bargain noodle into somethin...

Pantego Bay’s etouffee was swimming with perfectly cooked crawfish. Photo by Lisa Warner.

Get There Fast, Take it Slow

Pantego Bay relies on fresh seafood, not gimmicks.
Lauren Phillips
I didn’t pull up to Pantego Bay in an especially generous mood. Few roads lead to the town of Pantego, and getting there during weekday rush hour traffic can be a frustrating exercise. My guests and I converged, at long last,...


Competitive Ordering

Chow, Baby
Our server kept complimenting everything my co-worker ordered. I was feeling a little competitive because all of my choices were met with polite indifference. I wasn’t too discouraged – I examined that menu like it was a cl...

Tokyo Joe’s Cali poke roll (center) is a delicious bargain. Photo by Lee Chastain.

Hey, Joe

Build-your-own Japanese cuisine brings its clean eating concept to the Waterside development.
Laurie Barker James
About 20 years ago, Larry Leith opened Tokyo Joe’s, a Colorado-based Japanese restaurant franchise with a focus on clean eating –– somewhat of a novelty back in the ’90s. Joe’s first Texas outpost opened last month in...

Tuk Tuk Thai serves big portions and big flavors. Photo by Lee Chastain.


Tuk Tuk Thai’s menu of reasonably priced entry-level Thai favorites is perfect student grub.
Lauren Phillips
UT has Guadalupe Street, TCU has West Berry, UNT has Fry –– half the fun of higher learning comes from the seedy edges of the ubiquitous college strip, where pitchers of suds and tattoo parlors gobble up the dregs of that s...


Cooking with Chow, Baby

Chow, Baby
My oldest niece just happens to be approaching babysitting age at just the right time. As it turns out, my spawn will soon be old enough to graduate from his alien-like parasite stage to a smiling, playing, crying, eating paras...


Oh, Snap

Chow, Baby
My grandparents will eat at only one restaurant. Whether it’s a special occasion or just an early evening repast, the two nonagenarians prefer the comforting mediocrity of Furr’s Cafeteria. When I was younger, the list of g...

Photo by Kayla Stigall.

Harmonious Trio

This fine dining spot is a reason to go to Colleyville.
Kristian Lin
What a joy it is to find a great restaurant in an unexpected place. The Trio New American Restaurant’s address lists it in Colleyville, though right across the street is a large sign proclaiming its own place in North Richlan...