Here’s hoping that development in the Cultural District doesn’t swallow a Fort Worth institution.
Dan McGraw
Maybe I’m just getting old, but I really do love diners, especially diners with long counters.

Dive In

What Dutch’s lacks in college vibe, it makes up for in sturdy American fare.
Jimmy Fowler
A spirit hangs over Dutch’s, a new burgers-and-beer café in a little vintage strip across from the TCU campus and sandwiched between two beloved ghosts: the TCU bookstore and the theater that housed everything from ’70s-er...

Gold Lining

The Tex-Mex fare at Esparza’s is hit-or-miss, but there’s a long list of tequilas to drown your sorrows in.
Jimmy Fowler
How many ways are there to get into trouble in the Mid-Cities? At one Bedford Tex-Mex and Mex-Mex haven alone, there are more than a hundred.

A Friend of Ours

Trust us: The shadowy, intimate ristorante Al Covo is worth a visit.
Jimmy Fowler
Although these weird, Old Testament-style rains and floods don’t appear to have ended, there has been a little more sunshine lately, which might seem an odd time to enjoy a dimly lit restaurant atmosphere.

Brave, New Mondo

Parrilla may be small, but its superlative Tex-Mex — and its ambitions — aren’t.
Jimmy Fowler
It’s official, Tex-Mex mavens: The 21st century has come to the taqueria.

Morning Constitutional

Even if veggies aren’t your thing, welcome the Saladmaster.
The guy at my front door wanted to make me a salad. It wasn’t actually my front door — it was the front door of a house belonging to a friend of mine for whom I was house-sitting, a brand spanking new cookie-cutter … ...

Ol’ Scratch

Hawks Creek Grill delivers tasty American fare but doesn’t seem to be for the young and diet-conscious.
Jimmy Fowler
Golf, like poker, is a deliberative sport that demands grace and calm under pressure.

Hit or Miss?

Erratic service and food keep the venerable On Broadway from super stardom.
Peter Gorman
 Sometimes it’s just not your day. And on a recent Friday night at the venerable On Broadway Ristorante Italiano, it wasn’t ours.

Porridge Cubed

Expect simple, elegant food, and not a fantasia of flavors, in the land of The Lunch Box.
Jimmy Fowler
 It would be tempting to use a cliché like “hidden treasure” to describe the Camp Bowie eatery The Lunch Box.

Afternoon Delight

Now open for Sunday lunch, the kitschy Sake performs valiantly.
Jimmy Fowler
 When your restaurant is squeezed between a denture-repair shop and a nail salon in a small South Arlington strip mall, does ambiance really matter? In the case of Sake Japanese Steakhouse, located just south of I-20, the answ...