Dig into Rivera’s Mexican

This newish restaurant in Ridgmar Farmers Market serves up delectable Tex-Mex.
Rivera’s Mexican Grill & Market, located inside the Ridgmar Farmers Market building across from Ridgmar Mall, was hopping like a roadhouse last Saturday night. Outside, the red-and-white-striped roof and a sign advertisin...

Red-Button Service

Chow, Baby
Choosing among the six films showing at the West 7th Movie Tavern (2872 Crockett St.) was fairly easy, as only one featured a cast member that Chow, Baby currently has a crush on. Unfortunately, other than the beauteous Alexa D...

Big On Cooper’s Bar-B-Que

The recently opened Stockyards joint is all about the meat — and then some.
Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que is all about the meat. For real. Located near Billy Bob’s Texas, the recently opened restaurant, with 26,000 square feet, is almost — almost — as massive as the World’s Largest Honky To...

Billadelphia Frydom

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby got to Billadelphia’s (2110 W. Berry St.) about 30 seconds before the lunch bell rang at next-door Paschal High School, so it had already ordered and had an outside seat staked out when the chemistry-class-numbed h...

Picosos Paints a Lovely Picture

The Sansom Park-area Mexican restaurant lacks heat but not quality.
Family-owned, off-the-beaten-path Mexican food restaurants have certain admirable traditions to uphold. The food should conjure images of a Mexican grandmother starting from scratch and toiling for hours over a hot stove. The d...

Salad Days

Chow, Baby
In what could be termed a bit of an overreaction to the subpar sub it had last week, over the weekend Chow, Baby was driven to have itself some real sandwiches — 550 miles from here. Domilise’s is an old-school corner bar a...

Mandola’s Markets Quality

The new eatery/store Italianizes Arlington Highlands.
Early in the last century, Mandola’s started out as a family-owned market in Houston. And now, about 110 years later, third-generation chef/restaurateur Damian Mandola and his extended family co-own several other Italian join...

No Fission Here

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby’s main reason for being, or at least for being here in this column space, stems from its near-holy-roller conviction that holes-in-the-wall serve great food. The divier the place, the better the burger/pho/tacos/wh...

BB and Luigi’s: a Grapevine Star

The newly opened restaurant does Italian and steak to perfection.
BB and Luigi’s Vineyard Steakhouse, near the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, is a newish semi-Italian restaurant in a spot formerly occupied by a full-blooded Italian place. The only difference on paper might be BB and Luigi...

Braised & Confused

Chow, Baby
Décor-wise, Cowtown Diner (305 Main St.) is more of a bistro than a diner, though if it had called itself “Cowtown Bistro,” Chow, Baby probably would have carped that its menu is more diner-y than bistro-y. This place is a...