Picosos Paints a Lovely Picture

The Sansom Park-area Mexican restaurant lacks heat but not quality.
Family-owned, off-the-beaten-path Mexican food restaurants have certain admirable traditions to uphold. The food should conjure images of a Mexican grandmother starting from scratch and toiling for hours over a hot stove. The d...

Salad Days

Chow, Baby
In what could be termed a bit of an overreaction to the subpar sub it had last week, over the weekend Chow, Baby was driven to have itself some real sandwiches — 550 miles from here. Domilise’s is an old-school corner bar a...

Mandola’s Markets Quality

The new eatery/store Italianizes Arlington Highlands.
Early in the last century, Mandola’s started out as a family-owned market in Houston. And now, about 110 years later, third-generation chef/restaurateur Damian Mandola and his extended family co-own several other Italian join...

No Fission Here

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby’s main reason for being, or at least for being here in this column space, stems from its near-holy-roller conviction that holes-in-the-wall serve great food. The divier the place, the better the burger/pho/tacos/wh...

BB and Luigi’s: a Grapevine Star

The newly opened restaurant does Italian and steak to perfection.
BB and Luigi’s Vineyard Steakhouse, near the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, is a newish semi-Italian restaurant in a spot formerly occupied by a full-blooded Italian place. The only difference on paper might be BB and Luigi...

Braised & Confused

Chow, Baby
Décor-wise, Cowtown Diner (305 Main St.) is more of a bistro than a diner, though if it had called itself “Cowtown Bistro,” Chow, Baby probably would have carped that its menu is more diner-y than bistro-y. This place is a...

Belly Up to City Pig BBQ

The new Hospital District ’cue joint offers traditional fare and excellent desserts.
City Pig BBQ’s black-and-orange storefront on 8th Avenue doesn’t look like much. You might drive right past and not realize it’s actually a restaurant, save for the number of cars in the parking lot and the steady foot tr...

Fool for the Ignorant

Chow, Baby
As a Terra fan pointed out in the web comments to “No. 2, Not Trying Harder” (March 17) — a not-overly-kind report on Terra Mediterranean Grill and an adulation of Chadra Mezza — Chow, Baby is “ignorant” about Leban...

BlackFinn Aims to Please

There’s a little something for everyone at the Southwest Arlington saloon.
BlackFinn American Saloon is fairly well known in Southwest Arlington as the place with cheap drinks every night of the week. During happy hour (4 ’til 8 p.m. daily), everything but the fancy liquor and bottled beer is half-o...

No Monkey Ward Prices Here

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby retroactively apologizes to Ronin, long gone from Montgomery Plaza, for complaining two years ago about its sky-high sushi prices — $2 for a piece of tuna, and that was on “special night.” Chow, Baby was appall...