Drink Me

Chow, Baby
What’s the story on Poly Pop? From untrustworthy web sites, Chow, Baby has learned only that one Paul Hollis, who may have lived near Polytechnic High School and may now be buried in Polytechnic Cemetery, invented this po...

Down Mijo Way

Chow, Baby
In the category of south-of-the-border foods, over the last year or two Chow, Baby’s been so hyped about taco trucks, Salvadoran pupusas, and camarones al mojo de ajo that last week’s craving came as a back-to-basic...

Mature, Not Old

No Frills Grill & Sports Bar in Arlington has aged quite gracefully.
Laurie Barker James
Back in the 1990s, No Frills Grill & Sports Bar was a tiny, smoky bar in the southwest Arlington shopping center anchored by an AMC Loews movie theater.

A Hill of Beans, Please

Chow, Baby
There’s a pretty interesting backstory to the newly resurrected Pit Barbecue (702 N. Henderson St.). But you can ask one of the friendly counter guys about that, or read it on the back of the menu, because Chow, Baby want...

Starry Eyed

Zodiac is a gem of a place inside Neiman Marcus in Ridgmar Mall, for lunching ladies and foodies alike.
Laurie Barker James
I always assumed that only “ladies who lunch” frequented Zodiac, the café inside Neiman Marcus at Ridgmar Mall.

No Bones About It

Blink-and-you’ll-miss-it TBones’ barbecue eatery delivers superb versions of the staples and soul food.
Laurie Barker James
TBones Mississippi Style BBQ was born in the back of owner Terry Coleman’s catering truck.

Cutting the Tension with a Fork

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby adores its friends Smiley and Mr. B., but they do have one flaw. Feature, sorry, Chow, Baby meant to say “feature”: They’re marvelous legmen, with a talent for spotting nifty new restaurants.

Classic Beauty

George’s Specialty Foods is small but powerful in the Greek cuisine department — and also has some swank cachet.
The joint isn’t much to look at, sitting like an outpost along a barren stretch of White Settlement Road, with only a city bus stop across the street for companionship.

Not Kidding Around

Chow, Baby
Apparently lamb is the new crème brûlée – a dish Chow, Baby had never thought much about until one day the light hits the plate just right (with that holy-choir “ahhhh” sound), and then Chow, Baby absolutel...

The Chains of … Freedom?

By yielding to that cruel mistress, a whole new world opened up.
From the perspective of a foodie partial to ma-and-pa joints, my new North Fort Worth neighborhood didn’t look too promising.