Love at First Bite

You can’t channel surf for 30 seconds without encountering what might be called “fast-food porn”: those burger ads full of swelling, curving buns, bright and glistening red tomato slices, and hot, thick beef p...

The Potato Dumpling Gang

Chow, Baby
Admittedly, Chow, Baby was bursting with crankiness way before it arrived at Greenwood’s German Restaurant (3522 Bluebonnet Circle). But that’s no excuse for the many grievous insults it suffered, starting with not ...


In many ways, Z’s Café is like any other small restaurant. Block letters spelling “HOPE” sit on the counter. Inside a display case are plates of tilapia, gazpacho, and “the best chicken salad in Fort Wo...

Goodwill Hunting

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby got a press release the other day from Goodwill’s public relations department announcing the opening of its newest superstore (2100 Altamesa Blvd. at Crowley Rd.). Goodwill has a PR department?

Simply Delicious

The owners of the Simply Fondue franchise downtown have done right by their location in the basement of the historic 1920s-era Woolworth Building. That piece of belowground real estate, also home to Scat Jazz Lounge, is a sweet...

Noooo Reservations

Chow, Baby
You don’t generally think of Fort Worth as a city focused on immediate gratification, a place like New York or New Orleans where your every sensual need can be met on demand on just about any street corner. But to Chow, B...

Packing Flavor

India Grill Restaurant and Bar looks like most of the other restaurants in the newish part of the Arlington Highlands Lifestyle Center. The eatery has the shiny pendant lights, shiny floor, and earth-toned walls so common in th...

Sticky Questions

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby has been musing about – no, not breasts again, unfortunately, just disposable chopsticks. The background on this is that whenever the leftovers fridge gets depleted, *5 on the speed-dial summons the King Wok de...


Lebanese culture is a mélange of influences: Turkish, Israeli, Syrian. Prince Lebanese Grill is all of the above plus Sonic — the Lebanese restaurant is located in one of the burger chain’s distinctive drive-ins. B...

Ya Too Rude

Chow, Baby
The couple seated behind Chow, Baby at Jamaica Gates (1020 W. Arkansas Ln., Arlington) was explaining their dietary needs to wonderful server Maribet: no curry, no jerk seasoning, no peppers (not even bell), no spice or spicine...