Chow, Baby
If a taqueria has a taco-plate deal on Wednesdays, you can bet Chow, Baby will stop by on a Thursday to hear all about it. If a homecooking joint prepares their deliciously tender pot roast with cute little carrots and new pota...

Scaling New Heights

I’ve been eyeballing Eddie V’s Prime Seafood with suspicion since the upscale eatery’s mid-January opening. I don’t care how glitzy and glamorous it is or how hard it is to get a reservation. The place i...

Lighten Up

Chow, Baby
Some restaurants are inverters: You arrive in a bad mood, and they quickly turn your frown upside down. Some are amplifiers: You arrive in a bad mood, and they straightaway make it infinitely worse. (Personally, Chow, Baby woul...

Fancy Ranch

Lou Lambert is a great storyteller. Ask about any dish he’s created, and he’ll have a yarn to go with it. But perhaps his best story isn’t about the food but about how a guy who grew up showing calves at West ...

The Lights Are Much Brighter

Chow, Baby
When Fizzi closed down a couple of years ago, there was a vicious rumor circling that T.G.I. Friday’s was interested in the space, at 4th and Commerce streets. Chow, Baby couldn’t get the Thurston Howell III-voiced ...

All Aboard!

Train stations used to be central gathering places in most big cities many decades ago. And they still are for some of the metros in the Northeast. While you waited for your commute home, you could relax under ornate ceilings, ...

Bread Upon the Waters

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby was zooming across the Toledo Bend Reservoir back into Texas when a horrible thought dawned: It had forgotten to eat a muffuletta. How did that happen? 

The Way of the Roll

The area south of Hulen Mall in Fort Worth is a typically overdeveloped set of strip malls and chain eateries, known neither for innovative cuisine nor non-corporate restaurants. Sushi Tao, up one of the many crowded side stree...

Rising from the Ashes

Chow, Baby
Here’s the thing about Donna Albanese of Piola (3700 Mattison Av.): Every time you see her, she’s gotten more beautiful. Yeah, nice for her and all, but the problem is that we’re talking so many orders of beau...

Ahead to the Past

Chow, Baby
You ever go to a Fort Worth Institution like West Side Cafe, or Ol’ South, or Paris Coffee Shop – some place that’s been around 25, 50, maybe 300 years – and think about what they must have been like whe...