Bread Upon the Waters

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby was zooming across the Toledo Bend Reservoir back into Texas when a horrible thought dawned: It had forgotten to eat a muffuletta. How did that happen? 

The Way of the Roll

The area south of Hulen Mall in Fort Worth is a typically overdeveloped set of strip malls and chain eateries, known neither for innovative cuisine nor non-corporate restaurants. Sushi Tao, up one of the many crowded side stree...

Rising from the Ashes

Chow, Baby
Here’s the thing about Donna Albanese of Piola (3700 Mattison Av.): Every time you see her, she’s gotten more beautiful. Yeah, nice for her and all, but the problem is that we’re talking so many orders of beau...

Ahead to the Past

Chow, Baby
You ever go to a Fort Worth Institution like West Side Cafe, or Ol’ South, or Paris Coffee Shop – some place that’s been around 25, 50, maybe 300 years – and think about what they must have been like whe...

Herd the News

There are two Los Pastores restaurant locations at opposite ends of Pioneer Parkway in Arlington, both owned by the same people and both in areas that are decidedly industrial as opposed to pastoral, so the name — which m...

Pho What It’s Worth

Vietnam’s signature dish isn’t all that’s cooking at Miss Saigon Café. Lovers of Vietnamese food can get downright territorial on the issue of pho (pronounced fuh, not fo), the traditional beef noodle soup th...

Hot Type

Chow, Baby
Because of the economy, Chow, Baby was nine days late paying its March electric bill ($125.34). Nine days, no big deal, maybe they’ll tack on a few bucks for a late penalty.

Time and Plates

Welcome to Vickery Café, where they’ve been dishing out home cooking (though under a couple of different names) for 35 years and counting.

Three Steps, Part Two

Chow, Baby
Yay, it’s the second installment in our occasional series, Chow, Baby’s Three-Step Recipes!!! (The exclamation points are actually part of the name.)

C’est La Vie

The Vault’s Jean Michele Sakouhi isn’t fretting the hard times. Restaurateur Jean Michele Sakouhi is characteristically Gallic about the current economic climate. The French are known to take all kinds of news ̵...