You Take the High Road ….

Chow, Baby
Yay! Arlington has a new mall! Sorry – “mixed-use development.” Arlington Highlands (I-20 and Matlock Rd.) opened in May, though it looks nothing like the drawing on its website, which shows trees.

Dive In

What Dutch’s lacks in college vibe, it makes up for in sturdy American fare.
Jimmy Fowler
A spirit hangs over Dutch’s, a new burgers-and-beer café in a little vintage strip across from the TCU campus and sandwiched between two beloved ghosts: the TCU bookstore and the theater that housed everything from ’70s-er...

Fried and Prejudice

Chow, Baby
Rice “n” Noodle (9094 Camp Bowie West Blvd.) looked like a good spot for Chow, Baby’s favorite dining-alone game: Guess who’s gonna order what?

Gold Lining

The Tex-Mex fare at Esparza’s is hit-or-miss, but there’s a long list of tequilas to drown your sorrows in.
Jimmy Fowler
How many ways are there to get into trouble in the Mid-Cities? At one Bedford Tex-Mex and Mex-Mex haven alone, there are more than a hundred.

As We All Know

Chow, Baby
So the other day Chow, Baby got an e-mail from an editor at Budget Travel magazine inquiring after our famous restaurants, the ones that pop up in all the travel guides.

A Friend of Ours

Trust us: The shadowy, intimate ristorante Al Covo is worth a visit.
Jimmy Fowler
Although these weird, Old Testament-style rains and floods don’t appear to have ended, there has been a little more sunshine lately, which might seem an odd time to enjoy a dimly lit restaurant atmosphere.

Greater Expectations

Chow, Baby
If “stuffed and smothered” is your favorite cuisine, boy howdy, has Chow, Baby found the restaurant for you. Seems like everything on this menu is stuffed with crab meat and smothered with Asiago cheese sauce.

Brave, New Mondo

Parrilla may be small, but its superlative Tex-Mex — and its ambitions — aren’t.
Jimmy Fowler
It’s official, Tex-Mex mavens: The 21st century has come to the taqueria.

At Your Service

Chow, Baby
It’s reader-service week here at Chow, Baby headquarters – not in the traditional journalistic “we’re here to serve the reader” use of the phrase, which is fine and all, but Chow, Baby prefers the ...

Drool Patrol

Chow, Baby
Like Dr Pepper as a cooking ingredient, frito pie is one of those Texas things (yeah, Oklahoma too, but who cares) that outsiders find kitschy-charming, at best – but if you mention it to Texas natives, particularly those...