Insult to Injury

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby is well aware that it is easily offended, but tries not to let that rule its life.

Spaghetti Western

In a cheeky setting that’s half-Cowboy half-Italian, Giovanni’s, in the Stockyards, serves up hearty, solid traditional Italian fare.
Jimmy Fowler
The weekends in the Stockyards after the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo closes in early February have that lonely the-traveling-carnival-has-come-and-gone feel, with small groups of bored-looking teenagers and even more bored-...

Mommmm, I Don’t Need a Sweater

Chow, Baby
The good thing about last week’s warm-weather spike is that Chow, Baby got back into cruising mode and happened upon a couple of more hidden gems in Arlington strip malls.

Old School

With its original location still going strong in the wilds of TCU, Fuzzy’s Tacos expands its empire.
Gayle Reaves
The feel is a combination of border cerveceria and old college hangout — except for the array of flat-screen and wide-screen tv’s and the squeaky-clean wood floors.

Stuck with Prix Fixe

Chow, Baby
Please think of this warning as coming not one week late, but 51 weeks early: Valentine’s Day sucks. And not just the silly concept of singling out one day a year to celebrate having beat the romance odds.

Viejo Amigo

The new Tex-Mex diner Chimy’s has a lot going for it, namely a friendly vibe.
Sometimes a bar/restaurant comes along and just works. Even though Chimy’s Cerveceria opened only a few weeks ago, it seems like it’s been around for years. The place, apparently, is the place to be.

Taco Loco

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby likely isn’t the only one who’s starting to get bored with its recent soft-taco addiction, which is threatening to break the pho record in the “Will Chow, Baby ever get off it” category.

Remembrance of Meals Past

Chow, Baby
Jubilee’s back! Jubilee’s back! Chow, Baby fondly remembers the old “Heaven on Seventh” incarnation – the crispy-crustiest chicken-fried, the nicest hey-hon waitresses, Ms. Tilly’s fresh-made...

Talk About GritsTalk About Grits

Molly Ivins had more than the columnizin’ kind, remembers one former Texas scribe.
Editor’s note: The newspapers and internet are full — as they should be — of remembrances of Molly Ivins, the brilliant, funny, folksy Texas columnist who died of breast cancer on Jan. 31 (also see Static, page 8).

The Un-Haunting

Chow, Baby
In the mixed-blessings department, our local cursed addresses seem to have exorcised their demons. The Dr. Orpheus of the bunch is El Pollo Palenque, going strong after two years in the one-time “six months and you’...