Even road construction can’t stop Portofino’s operatic highs.
Jimmy Fowler
There’s a tall, twinkling Christmas tree in the middle of the dimly lit dining room of Portofino Ristorante in Arlington.

Planning Way Ahead

Chow, Baby
A guilt-ridden Chow, Baby decided to tackle its “Places Readers Have Generously Alerted Me to, and I’ve Written Them Back with ‘Thanks a Lot, I’ll Definitely Go Next Time I’m in the Area,’ bu...

The Great Light North

Out on Western Center, Skillman Wok is the place for hearty, healthful Asian fare.
Now’s definitely not the time to get all calorie-conscious. ’Tis the season to be jolly, and by “jolly,” we mean “fat” and/or “pleasantly plump.”

Shadows and Mirrors

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby’s psychotherapist father did his children a great disservice by teaching us, early on, about Jung’s shadow theory.

Fairy Tail

Almost too-good-to-be-true combos of powerful flavors lurk inside the Swanky Shack.
Jimmy Fowler
Inquiring minds want to know: Where’s the newest place to gather for weekend coffee klatches, leisurely breakfasts, handmade sandwiches, and a homey atmosphere that percolates with the same positive, renaissance vibe shared b...

Making Plans for Lanny

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby’s been thinking more on that brilliant idea it had a couple of weeks ago, the one about Lanny Lancarte, honcho of the haute Lanny’s Alta Cocina Mexicana, opening a taqueria on the side. (Other wildly impr...

Revisitation Rights

Chow, Baby
Other than weight gain, heartburn, and permanently food-stained shirts, the only drawback to Chow, Baby’s job is that the constant hunger for the new and unusual means it rarely revisits old favorites.

The G-Spot

In the chainland of Keller, an exquisite, local, American eatery opens.
Peter Gorman
Manny G’s just opened in mid-September and is already a welcome addition to fast-growing Keller, which has too many chain restaurants and not enough regular joints, places where the owners actually take pride in what they serve.

Kings of Queen Cities

Chow, Baby
Fresh-painted and grime-free, Buffalo Bros. (3015 S. University Dr.) nonetheless feels less like a college bar than a blue-collar beer joint designed for the average Joe Bob, with shadowy lighting, taciturn customers (most drin...


New blood invigorates the Albaneses’ flagship restaurant.
Jimmy Fowler
The saga of Fort Worth’s food-lovin’ Albanese family continues.