Hit or Miss?

Erratic service and food keep the venerable On Broadway from super stardom.
Peter Gorman
 Sometimes it’s just not your day. And on a recent Friday night at the venerable On Broadway Ristorante Italiano, it wasn’t ours.


Chow, Baby
Amazing how little it takes to turn a room from upscale Mex to down-home Tex. A few five-pointed metal stars and pastel-tinted photos of flower-filled wheelbarrows, some yee-haw music on the stereo, and bam, the former house of...

Porridge Cubed

Expect simple, elegant food, and not a fantasia of flavors, in the land of The Lunch Box.
Jimmy Fowler
 It would be tempting to use a cliché like “hidden treasure” to describe the Camp Bowie eatery The Lunch Box.

Magnolia? Never Heard of It

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby is getting its hopes up for Magnolia Avenue again. Yes, yes, it’s already “one of Fort Worth’s most vibrant restaurant rows,” as the Dallas Business Journal likes to say in a presumably non-co...

Afternoon Delight

Now open for Sunday lunch, the kitschy Sake performs valiantly.
Jimmy Fowler
 When your restaurant is squeezed between a denture-repair shop and a nail salon in a small South Arlington strip mall, does ambiance really matter? In the case of Sake Japanese Steakhouse, located just south of I-20, the answ...

The Price is Wrong

Chow, Baby
You could have knocked Chow, Baby over with a bay leaf when its server at Biriyani House (1309 S. Cooper St., Arlington) mentioned that this little Indian hole-in-the-wall near UTA opened more than two years ago.

Eat Fresco

The Mexican grocery story La Michoacana offers great food for now or later.
Peter Gorman
Supermarket may not be the first place you think for a meal (the Subway at Wal-Mart and Starbucks at Albertson’s notwithstanding).

Pluck and Wing

Chow, Baby
Guess everybody’s heard about how the Sexy Chicken mascot, obviously not as practiced as Chow, Baby at lamming it in fuzzy pink high heels, got busted last month for standing on the side of the road wearing neon green lin...


Burgers and bock have never looked as cozy as they do at The Love Shack.
Jimmy Fowler
Given his list of accomplishments and commitments — cowboy cuisine pioneer, Food Network reality star, Home Shopping Network shill for bottled sauces and cookware — does Fort Worth chef Tim Love really have time to flip bur...

New Term: Beerelier

Chow, Baby
When Chow, Baby’s appetite returned after nearly two weeks of the taste-buds-disabling cold from hell, it returned with a vengeance.