Rich Food

Chow, Baby
Madea’s Down-Home Cooking (1019 W. Enon Av., Everman) is easy to find; just cruise around this five-square-mile city (takes about 10 minutes) until you see all the parked cars.

Come, Hungary

Jimmy Fowler
he Blue Danube first entered the popular consciousness as a river that runs from Germany through Eastern Europe. Then it became a Strauss waltz that shot off into space to accompany the doomed astronauts in Stanley Kubrick’s ...

If I Were Kingfish

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby got to play several rounds of its favorite game, Second-Guess the Chef, last week at Kingfish (62 Main St., Colleyville). The seafood restaurant is the newest venture from David McMillan, the ex-Nana chef who opened ...

Lord of the Wings

Brian Abrams
Hooters founder and former CEO Robert H. Brooks may have died last month, but his leg-acy lives on. As he told Fortune magazine a couple of years ago, “Good food, cold beer, and pretty girls never go out of style.” Since th...


Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby learned a new word! Mutabel (aka moutabel, muttabel) is a roasted-eggplant dip that’s a lot like baba ghannouj, except creamier, spicier, and easier to spell. It was one of the delicious sides on Chow, BabyR...

Orange Crush

Jimmy Fowler
A while back, Thanh Thanh Vietnamese Cuisine relocated across East Arkansas Lane from one strip mall to another. They carpeted the new, spacious locale (an old chain drug store), hung a chandelier from the low ceiling, and did ...

Eat Here, Get Gas

Chow, Baby
This is what Chow, Baby gets for trying to be efficient. Having recently gotten the Chowbabymobile’s a/c recharged, Chow, Baby spent last week’s heat wave comfortably cruising around the county looking for places wh...

Classy Comfort

Remember the old days, when walking into a fancy restaurant was like wrapping an angry boa constrictor around your neck? I mean, even in the best mood and the best clothes, the most unflappable non-rich guy was bound to feel a ...

Stranger in a Strange Land

Chow, Baby
This should have been one of those heartwarming little tales in which Chow, Baby happens into a place where it clearly does not belong – awkward! – yet by the end of the evening is leading its new bosom buddies in a...

Cuts Like a Knife

Brian Abrams
The area near the Village at 6333 Camp Bowie Blvd. has become a dining hot spot pretty much overnight. Recent openings include Paparotti’s Wine Room, a swanky lounge owned by David Rotman, who also owns Café Aspen, the 16-ye...