Stranger in a Strange Land

Chow, Baby
This should have been one of those heartwarming little tales in which Chow, Baby happens into a place where it clearly does not belong – awkward! – yet by the end of the evening is leading its new bosom buddies in a...

Cuts Like a Knife

Brian Abrams
The area near the Village at 6333 Camp Bowie Blvd. has become a dining hot spot pretty much overnight. Recent openings include Paparotti’s Wine Room, a swanky lounge owned by David Rotman, who also owns Café Aspen, the 16-ye...

The Bright Side of Life

Chow, Baby
What a lucky break for Chow, Baby: Just as it dropped the last few pizza pounds from May’s Chicago research trip, a reader insisted on a visit to newly arrived Little Joe’s Famous Chicago Pizza & Restaurant (10...

Black Thumb

Chow, Baby
Time: 20 minutes after Chow, Baby staggers out of Tom Thumb, reeling at the thought of paying $6.49 for a mini watermelon even if it is seedless. Location: Farmers Market Fort Worth (5507 E. Belknap St.). Chow, Baby: How much i...

House of Common

Dan McGraw
For reasons beyond the reaches of mere mortal comprehension, the Houston-based restaurant chain Hospitality USA Management Group thinks there’s some demand in our country for British food. If you’ve ever heard anyone say, ...

Bar Sinister

Chow, Baby
Cachonga’s (4255 Camp Bowie Blvd.) reopened a couple of weeks ago after a few dark days of internal strife, and Chow, Baby is mostly glad. The food is as skillfully prepared as ever, though Cachonga’s subhead, ̶...

Stir It Up

Now that Beto’s American and Caribbean Cuisine is here in town, the craze over Red Stripe beer is finally starting to make sense. As a social lubricant, the Jamaican export is merely so-so. It has a skunky aftertaste, and a s...

Kissing the Pink

Chow, Baby
Hoo, Chow, Baby is glad that for once it looked around before it leapt. Last week it was all set to proclaim that the cheeseburger it’d had at Miller’s Bar while vacationing in beautiful Dearborn, Mich., was the bes...


For such a tiny place, Lieu’s menu may be the biggest and most exotic in town.
Jimmy Fowler
Given that many aficionados of Vietnamese food love the cuisine’s caffeine-spiky iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk, it was only a matter of time before someone opened a coffeehouse and pho shop — pho being the entic...

Research in Motion

Chow, Baby
Oh, the places Chow, Baby has been! And the foodstuffs it devoured! Chow, Baby’s summer research tour – 49 eateries in 10 days, a personal best – yielded plenty of useful and hence tax-deductible info.