Talk About GritsTalk About Grits

Molly Ivins had more than the columnizin’ kind, remembers one former Texas scribe.
Editor’s note: The newspapers and internet are full — as they should be — of remembrances of Molly Ivins, the brilliant, funny, folksy Texas columnist who died of breast cancer on Jan. 31 (also see Static, page 8).

Remembrance of Meals Past

Chow, Baby
Jubilee’s back! Jubilee’s back! Chow, Baby fondly remembers the old “Heaven on Seventh” incarnation – the crispy-crustiest chicken-fried, the nicest hey-hon waitresses, Ms. Tilly’s fresh-made...

The Un-Haunting

Chow, Baby
In the mixed-blessings department, our local cursed addresses seem to have exorcised their demons. The Dr. Orpheus of the bunch is El Pollo Palenque, going strong after two years in the one-time “six months and you’...

Venus on the Half Shell

They’re big, they’re beautiful, and they’re the best but not only reason to visit Big Fish.
There are oysters on the half shell, and then there are Big Fish’s oysters on the half shell.

Going the Extra Smile

Chow, Baby
In the two years since the founding of J.R.’s Steakhouse (5400 Hwy. 121, Colleyville), buzz has been building about its fireplace-graced bar/lounge with live jazz, its well-considered wine list, and its inspired not-just-...


It’s not as creative as Angeluna, but Ferré serves up the quality Italian fare.
Brian Abrams
A new Italian restaurant recently opened in Sundance Square, and even if the joint served SpaghettiOs for the time being, local foodies probably wouldn’t mind; not because Fort Worth palates are sub-par, but after waiting abo...

Stop, in the Name of Grub

Load up on A Taste of Soul’s creamy dinner rolls, and you’ll be rollin’ down the street.
Jimmy Fowler
In most restaurants, the humble dinner roll knows its place. On the plate, it’s the equivalent of a supporting actor, a bass player, a fashion model’s assistant, existing to help the entrée and sides shine. But what happen...

Got to Have Friends

Chow, Baby
With much to eat and do, Chow, Baby had its day scheduled to the minute. And you know what the gods say to that: Smackdown. First Chow, Baby’s lunch date bailed at the last minute – what’s the point of even ha...

Go with the Flo

When considering a spot for a hearty afternoon breakfast, don’t pass up Front Porch Café.
Jimmy Fowler
he comfort-food joint known as Front Porch Café is located in a knot of businesses on Jacksboro Highway, but it’s not hard to spot. Right beside the place is a billboard featuring a buxom blonde woman with “Boo Koo” writ...

Wacky Tobacky, Knobby Kabob

Chow, Baby
Though Narah Café (2896 W. Pioneer Pkwy., Dalworthington Gardens) has been open just a few months, many have already fallen for its charms: friendly service, languid coffeehouse atmosphere, and slick (if a bit too bright) déc...