Wacky Tobacky, Knobby Kabob

Chow, Baby
Though Narah Café (2896 W. Pioneer Pkwy., Dalworthington Gardens) has been open just a few months, many have already fallen for its charms: friendly service, languid coffeehouse atmosphere, and slick (if a bit too bright) déc...

Go with the Flo

When considering a spot for a hearty afternoon breakfast, don’t pass up Front Porch Café.
Jimmy Fowler
he comfort-food joint known as Front Porch Café is located in a knot of businesses on Jacksboro Highway, but it’s not hard to spot. Right beside the place is a billboard featuring a buxom blonde woman with “Boo Koo” writ...

New Aquaintance, Ne’er Forgot

Chow, Baby
Good news, everyone: Chow, Baby’s standard Fresh New Year column – mourning the neato restaurants that have closed over the previous year and bitching y’all out for not supporting them – won’t work...

Clay Pot Luck

Samwon Garden, possibly Tarrant County’s first all-Korean restaurant, makes for a nice introduction to the land’s spicy fare.
Jimmy Fowler
During a recent dinner at Samwon Garden on Fort Worth’s South Side, a moment occurred that reinforced just how cool living in America can be: As the plates were being served, an electro-pop boy-band ballad began cooing out of...

Spaghetti alla Carbonara alla Chow, Baby

Chow, Baby
Serves 4 (See note 1) Enough olive oil to just cover the bottom of your favorite skillet About the same amount of butter 4 ounces pancetta, diced 2 1 pound spaghetti 3, 4 5 egg yolks 5 Lots of grated pecorino Romano 6 Freshly g...

When in Rome …

Chow, Baby didn’t have to go to Italy to find the perfect pasta dish. But what the heck.
Chow, Baby
Something’s been bothering Chow, Baby for quite some time now: spaghetti carbonara.

Fiesta for the Rest of Us

Chow, Baby
It took a while, but Chow, Baby finally finished off the liter bottle of Mexican vanilla that it got last year at a supermercado in Zacatecas. (You know, this stuff is really good in coffee.

Wavy Gravy

As a result of its health-conscious ’tude, Mellow Mushroom churns out unique, tasty finger food, um, dude.
Even though Mellow Mushroom has been open only about eight months, its dreadful service is already legendary.

The Chefs Must Be Crazy

Chow, Baby
In an episode of Chow, Baby’s favorite cartoon show, The Tick, one of the superhero’s punny cohorts is gearing up to battle evil: “This looks like a job for Bipolar Bear! … But I just can’t seem to...

Fat Tuesday Every Day

Pierre’s Mardi Gras Café is no bigger than a breadbox but serves up great homemade Creole food.
Peter Gorman
It might have been the sparkling day, or maybe the phase of the moon, but whatever it was made me trek 45 minutes from home in Joshua to Euless to try a tiny Creole kitchen named Pierre’s Mardi Gras Café.