The Blame Game

Chow, Baby
One might think, given how picky Chow, Baby can be, that it requests kitchen do-overs all the time. But no, not so much. A consequence of eating at so many funny-smelling restaurants is that Chow, Baby often winds up with a pla...

From Russia With Love

Jimmy Fowler
Though the proprietors of Taste of Europe are from Russia, they don’t seem to have any trouble getting the hang of this capitalism thing. “Shop while you eat!” gushes the sign outside this combination restaurant, tchotchk...

Rich Food

Chow, Baby
Madea’s Down-Home Cooking (1019 W. Enon Av., Everman) is easy to find; just cruise around this five-square-mile city (takes about 10 minutes) until you see all the parked cars.


Since her childhood, Donatella Trotti has earned her keep in the kitchen. In post-war Varese, Italy, where Trotti was born and raised, she and her sister would join their mother in the kitchen to help make large servings of las...

If I Were Kingfish

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby got to play several rounds of its favorite game, Second-Guess the Chef, last week at Kingfish (62 Main St., Colleyville). The seafood restaurant is the newest venture from David McMillan, the ex-Nana chef who opened ...

Come, Hungary

Jimmy Fowler
he Blue Danube first entered the popular consciousness as a river that runs from Germany through Eastern Europe. Then it became a Strauss waltz that shot off into space to accompany the doomed astronauts in Stanley Kubrick’s ...


Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby learned a new word! Mutabel (aka moutabel, muttabel) is a roasted-eggplant dip that’s a lot like baba ghannouj, except creamier, spicier, and easier to spell. It was one of the delicious sides on Chow, BabyR...

Lord of the Wings

Brian Abrams
Hooters founder and former CEO Robert H. Brooks may have died last month, but his leg-acy lives on. As he told Fortune magazine a couple of years ago, “Good food, cold beer, and pretty girls never go out of style.” Since th...

Eat Here, Get Gas

Chow, Baby
This is what Chow, Baby gets for trying to be efficient. Having recently gotten the Chowbabymobile’s a/c recharged, Chow, Baby spent last week’s heat wave comfortably cruising around the county looking for places wh...

Orange Crush

Jimmy Fowler
A while back, Thanh Thanh Vietnamese Cuisine relocated across East Arkansas Lane from one strip mall to another. They carpeted the new, spacious locale (an old chain drug store), hung a chandelier from the low ceiling, and did ...