Cover by Scott Latham.

There Will Be Oil

Locals are joining a national movement against the Dakota Access pipeline.
Karen Gavis
Pen in hand, Tucker Dean stopped to sign his name. “I want to help out any way I can,” said the UTA drama major. “I just disagree with it in general.” The “it” he doesn’t like is the Dakota Access pipeline, propos...

Papaya’s street taco sampler is big on flavor and low on cost. Photo by Lee Chastain.

¡Viva Papaya!

There’s a lot to like about the small, family-owned restaurant in Arlington.
Papaya Mexican Grill is a thriving little joint in Southeast Arlington, an area full of independent ethnic eateries. The restaurant is owned by the three brothers Chiffer and their unrelated partner, Zantoz Mexia. At least thre...


Final Encore

Dying in a prison hospital, a Fort Worthian and convicted felon makes one last effort to prove his innocence.
In the eyes of the law, Gregory Charles McCain put a gun to the head of the 14-year-old daughter of his girlfriend a half-hour after playing a blues gig in North Richland Hills. Or it could have been two days after that. The ex...

Sean Chen plays music by the masters at the Kimbell, Thu.

Night & Day

Kristian Lin
Wed 21- Ernest Bloch was famous for using Jewish themes and subjects in his music, but when he composed his Suite for Viola and Orchestra in 1919, he was inspired instead by the jungles of Asia, which he had never visited. Befo...

Libal, shown at a protest over conditions at a federal immigrant detainee center, say private prisons must go. Courtesy Bob Libal.

Private Hells

The U.S. Department of Justice has ordered the Bureau of Prisons to allow contracts with private prisons to expire.
Peter Gorman
A scathing early-August report by the Office of the Inspector General on the quality-of-inmate-life in private prisons led to a very quick decision by the Department of Justice: Unless a new contract is “substantially reduce[...

Graves, at Hard Scrabble in 1992. Robert Hart

Goodbye to a Giant

Editor’s note: Beloved Texas author John Graves, a native of Fort Worth, died July 31 at his home near Glen Rose. His books on the Brazos River, particularly “Goodbye to a River,” established him, as The New York Times sa...


Bustin’ Out in Swag

How do marketers love us? Let us count the ways.
Truck drivers in earlier decades used to talk about the “skip rolling in” on the radio as they crossed the country, picking up unexpected signals bouncing around the atmosphere from far-away stations — largesse on the air...

Macaluso’s takes a semi-nontraditional approach to Italian cuisine, as this filet with peppercorn sauce and asparagus clearly shows. Adrien P. Maroney

Improving Macaluso’s

The Italian eatery in a seemingly cursed spot seems to have a bright future.
It’s no secret that one food critic’s treasure is another’s trash. Chow, Baby unreservedly disliked Macaluso’s Italian Restaurant (“Crabby,” April 24, 2013), though probably not without good reason. But thin...

At Luminant’s Martin Lake plant, eight months of coal waste discharge killed off major portions of the fish in a nearby lake. Jimmy Alford

Dirty Water Under the Bridge

Decades late, the EPA moves to shut down massive water pollution by coal plants — and it still may not happen.
Coal-fired power plants are notorious for their contributions to air pollution in this country, particularly in Texas. They contribute hugely to carbon dioxide and mercury emissions, where Texas holds an undesirable first place...

Fort Worth Weekly March 14, 2010

What Ever Happened to Mandy Lane?

It’s still in limbo, but the Fort Worth filmmaker behind it forges on.
In October 2006, Fort Worth Weekly reported the story of how Fort Worth’s Chad Feehan had scored a huge hit. His slasher flick All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, filmed in Texas, had played to an ecstatic crowd of about 1,400 peop...