Together They Win

Rita Vinson
Eastside neighbors locked arms last year to deal with crises in common. By RITA VINSON When Fort Worth Weekly’s Best of 2008 issue came out on Sept. 28, I was surprised to find that the Brentwood-Oak Hills Neighborhood As...

A Violent Mess

A wealthy wife didn’t get her day in court against an allegedly abusive husband. By DAN MCGRAW For police, domestic violence calls can be dangerous because of the volatile emotions involved, and in the past, officers ofte...


Tarrant County College officials are late on another key permit for the downtown campus. By BETTY BRINK “I had no idea,” Joe Hudson said. The Tarrant County College District trustee was shocked to find out from a re...

No Woofin’

Peter Gorman
Buying speakers from guys in the parking lot?A word, please … By Peter Gorman Two well-dressed young men were standing near an unmarked white van in the parking lot of a liquor store in south Fort Worth a few weeks ago wh...

Parking on a Dime

The city’s got a plan to wring some extra change out of downtown visitors. By JEFF PRINCE                       Park a car curbside in downtown Fort Worth, step out to feed the meter, and sometimes a nice surpr...

Re-Entry Vehicle

A much-needed nonprofit helps ex-cons turn their lives around … and put them on stage. By BETTY BRINK If a dozen close family members had each spent long stretches in prison, the last thing most of their kin might want to...

Subsidizing Child Care

Burnam wants some TIF money for downtown worker bees and their kids. By DAN MCGRAW                       Two months ago, Downtown Fort Worth Inc., the nonprofit that works on behalf of central-city businesses, survey...

Parking Perils

Jeff Prince
A disagreement between a valet attendant and Fort Worth police has escalated to feud status, prompting a flurry of citations, an arrest, accusations of police harassment and retaliation, and an internal police investigation.

Parking Perils

A downtown valet says Fort Worth police are harassing him because he’s cut them out of the towing process. By JEFF PRINCE A disagreement between a valet attendant and Fort Worth police has escalated to feud status, prompt...


Matt Goodman
Trying to deal with potential $20 million-plus budget shortfalls each year for the next five, Fort Worth city financial planners found a way to save about $1.8 million in one whack: They’ve proposed doing away with the ci...