Guns, Shields, Pigs

Laura Elizabeth Morales, writing recently for the Texas Insider political web site, bemoaned the fact that a bill that would allow concealed weapons on college campuses (“Target: Campus,” May 6, 2009) was not going ...

Sunshine for the Zoo

A contract renegotiation between Fort Worth Zoo officials and city staff – or, perhaps, a lack of negotiation – has some residents suspecting monkey business.

Blurred Vision

John Q. Public
To the editor: Good update by Betty Brink on the Tarrant County College portion of the Trinity River (blurred) Vision project (“Taj Mahal on the Trinity,” April 29, 2009). I appreciate the Fort Worth Weekly staff fo...

The Real Builders

Living as I do near downtown Fort Worth, I frequently seek out my friend John and his lawyer compadre Bo for a few drinks and conversation at Billy Miner’s Saloon, across from what was, 20 years ago, the Caravan of Dreams...

Fill-Up for the Rails

Get in your car almost anywhere in the Metroplex, on almost any day, and you’re likely to end up in a traffic jam. Sundays on I-35W? Stacked up. Driving east on I-30 near the new Cowboys Stadium? The recently opened extra...

Imminent Action on Eminent Domain?

Lock up the valuables. After ambling along for a couple of months, the Texas Legislature is entering the final, frenzied weeks of its biennial session. Major bills are going to go down in flames. Bad bills are going to pass alm...

Wheeling and Dealing

After years of inaction, Fort Worth, the land of pickup trucks and SUVs, may finally be ready to pump some air into the tires of a citywide bike system.

Off Target

John Q. Public
To the editor: While I appreciate Cohe Bolin’s attempt to write a balanced article about the guns-on-campus bill (“Target: Campus,” May 6, 2009), I felt that she made it appear that there are as many supporter...


Dan McGraw
There’s an interesting tale to a civil lawsuit filed recently in a Tarrant County District Court. Not because of the dollar figures or the cause of action – one business is claiming that another business owes it $60...

Seven Flags Over Texas

“You ever hear the old saying, ‘I often wondered what was in a hot dog; now I know and wish I didn’t?’ Well, I guess the same goes for secession,” Alvin said.