A Bit of Armor

A reporters’ “shield” law that had died in the last two legislative sessions was finally passed by the Texas House of Representatives April 30 and sent to Gov. Rick Perry on Monday.

Nurses Unite

John Peter Smith hospital’s emergency room is part of a state-of-the-art medical pavilion, open less than a year. But conditions in the ER’s “green room,” as described recently by one nurse, sounded more...


When the city of Fort Worth closed Heritage Park about two and a half years ago, it was done quickly and quietly and without much explanation. Council and park board members were told that the issue was about “public safe...

Kidnap, No Ransom

The drug war raging along the U.S.-Mexico border might seem distant to many in North Texas, but it landed squarely in one Fort Worth woman’s living room in late February, when her grown son, a U.S. citizen, was kidnapped ...

Tune In

A few Sundays ago, my kids and I laid some plastic over the dining room table and broke out the clay. I gave them each a half-pound of clay and turned them loose. After half an hour or so of starts and stops, “Mr. Bill...

Taj Mahal on the Trinity

“It was a debacle from the beginning. You should stop construction, mothball those buildings, and cut your losses.”

Sunshine, Coming and Going

For some reason, it’s always a dark and stormy night when the Fort Worth pro chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists hands out its awards. Maybe it’s because the local SPJ group created its First Amendmen...

Prairie Big Dog

It must be spring: City council elections are looming on May 9, yard signs are sprouting like weeds, and urban gas drilling is a fiery topic on the campaign trail.

Letters to the Editor

John Q. Public
To the editor: Karen Hadden’s commentary (“Don’t Get Fooled Again,” April 1, 2009) called for efforts to block the new Comanche Peak reactors, in part based on what happened at Three Mile Island. My form...

Illiberal Education?

When I started college about 30 years ago, I moved into a dormitory at a university in Chicago. I didn’t get to choose either my dorm or my roommate – both decisions were made by the school. My roomie was a country ...