Prairie Big Dog

It must be spring: City council elections are looming on May 9, yard signs are sprouting like weeds, and urban gas drilling is a fiery topic on the campaign trail.

Letters to the Editor

John Q. Public
To the editor: Karen Hadden’s commentary (“Don’t Get Fooled Again,” April 1, 2009) called for efforts to block the new Comanche Peak reactors, in part based on what happened at Three Mile Island. My form...

Illiberal Education?

When I started college about 30 years ago, I moved into a dormitory at a university in Chicago. I didn’t get to choose either my dorm or my roommate – both decisions were made by the school. My roomie was a country ...

Ears Wide Open

The slight, unassuming woman, dressed all in black and seated at a table behind a laptop computer, coaxed wisps of feedback from an electric guitar lying flat in her lap, blending its tones with radio static and snippets of cha...

Falling Star

When Gary Hardee got laid off by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram last June – a day reporters and editors still refer to as “Black Monday” – he took with him more than 25 years of experience in the newspaper...

Seven Suitors

Seven candidates want the Fort Worth City Council seat left vacant by veteran Chuck Silcox’s death, but none have nabbed the two endorsements that could have the most impact. Neither Silcox’s influential widow, Bren...

Not for Fun and Games

I took on one of the toughest assignments of my career last year when I picked up the phone and learned from a reporter that a young boy had been seriously injured while playing on the tracks and trains of our BNSF Railway.

Toll-Track Mindset

Terri Hall, founder and director of Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom, just keeps on working to stop toll roads. The issue she’s hot about this week is specific to the San Antonio area, but it may hold a lesson for th...

Better Care for Prisoners

JPS is moving to lessen congestion and build a new facility for treating inmates. John Peter Smith hospital planners, faced with potentially life-threatening conditions in the hospital’s cramped, unsanitary, and outmoded ...

Letters to the Editor

John Q. Public
To the editor: I have hope that Fort Worth will at some time decide to go green (“Cowtown’s Growing Green,” March 11, 2009). I don’t think, though, that scraping off a 1930′s house or two on Linden...