Don’t Get Fooled Again

Nuclear plants are still dangerous, and the licensing process is even scarier. The 30th anniversary of Three Mile Island arrived last week. Those of us who had loved ones in Pennsylvania back then will never forget the sleeples...

A Rahr Breed

Eren Reddick and his dad, Jim, meet just about every Saturday afternoon to shoot the breeze over a few beers. But they don’t do it in some local bar or at their homes. They do it on Fort Worth’s Near South Side at t...

Compressed Anger

Peter Gorman
A minor change in a Fort Worth zoning regulation could have major repercussions. The Fort Worth City Council a few weeks ago made what looked like a small change to zoning rules, but it’s one that could have major implica...

Weekly Takes National Reporting Honor

Gayle Reaves
For the second time in three years, Fort Worth Weekly has won a national journalism award from the Investigative Reporters and Editors organization.

Letters to the Editor

John Q. Public
To the editor: In his guest column “Evolve, Please,” (March 25, 2009), writer E.R. Bills gave us another eye-opening mini-chapter on the legacy of former President George W. Bush and his cronies.

Chisholm Wins One

Shame makes an effective motivational tool. When last we met residents of the Chisholm Heights neighborhood west of Fort Worth, they were furious about the steady stream of Encana Oil & Gas drilling trucks lumbering through...

Who Pays the Freight?

Bryan Shettig
A new garage at Will Rogers comes at a price – in more ways than one. Say adios to free parking at the Will Rogers Memorial Center. Starting next spring, after the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo runs its course, visitors...

Evolve, Please

The best aren’t necessarily found at the top of the heap – and vice versa. On George W. Bush’s first day on the job, thousands of folks protested his arguably illegitimate inauguration, and the presidential li...

We Are Doing It

Texas rural women are battling modern dragons to save some “country” for future generations. A drive through her Wise County stomping grounds with Sharon Wilson is like getting a battlefield tour from a guerrilla co...

Brave New Mag

Brave New Mag As the news business languishes in this brave new world of the interweb, Twitter-heads, investigative journalism delivered by cell phone, and 24-hour news channels, it might seem foolhardy to start a new print pub...