Cool Competition

Peter Gorman
Dropping natural gas prices have already dramatically affected profits in the Barnett Shale gas field. But last summer, when a gigantic ship registered to the gas-rich Middle Eastern country of Qatar nosed into a spot at a new ...

Fanning the Spark

I was high above the Andes a few months ago, on my way from Fort Worth to Buenos Aires, when Thurgood Marshall sat down next to me. Great epiphanies can happen anywhere – in this case, it was over a leisurely airline lunch.

Commuting One Sentence …

You’ve seen the old movies. The hands of the clock move slowly toward the appointed time. The warden eyes the phone – will there be a last-minute stay of execution from the governor? Meanwhile, the prisoner’s ...

Solving the Poly Puzzle

Jerry Stevenson was hurrying down the hall at Polytechnic High School, trying to slip into homeroom before the tardy bell rang, when he felt a large hand clamp down on his shoulder. He looked up to see the school principal towe...


Truancy problems with school children in Fort Worth’s West Meadowbrook neighborhood prompted local volunteers to team up with a school principal and police officers to develop a presentation that encourages kids to be res...

Foreign Phallacy

When a commercial for a male enhancement drug came on the other night while my family and I were watching television, my 10-year-old daughter said, “They shouldn’t show that on TV.”

Eater Beware

Carey Hix
Who’s watching for dangers in engineered foods? Not the government. By Carey Hix Even if you know that GMO isn’t the latest Clash cover band and you buy your organic potatoes and leafy greens locally grown, that doe...

Captive Care

The conditions described by the veteran nurse sounded more like an overwhelmed clinic in a Third World country or a prison camp hospital from another era, rather than a ward in a well-financed hospital in a major American city ...

Down for the Count

Bryan Shettig
When city officials announced recently that a new census had shown fewer homeless people on Fort Worth streets, it sounded like good news on several fronts: good for homeless folks and maybe also for the city, which last year p...

Publisher Perilous

In 2002, I wrote a cover story for D Magazine examining the financial problems Tom Hicks was having. The owner of the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars was experiencing big losses at his investment firm, and I wondered how this mi...