Oh, for a Reality-based President

On a September evening in 1956, Marian Keech, a middle-aged woman living in the American Midwest, claimed she received a message from a planet called Clarion, saying that the world would be destroyed by a catastrophic flood on ...

Air Ball

Flyers’ departure leaves sports fans and local companies holding the bag.
Dan McGraw
Two years ago, when Fort Worth city officials decided to rob Peter to pay Paul, minor-league-sports-wise, there were plenty of signs that it was a risky maneuver.

‘Tis of Us

If you are reading this on the Fourth of July, rest easy in the knowledge that, somewhere in North Texas, Static, like normal people, is, rain or shine, eating barbecue and homemade ice cream – maybe even wearing its tall...

Politics and Power

I started my first business in the obscure solar electric installation field in 1993. Over the years, I have witnessed the gradual decrease in the price of pure silicon, the power source that is the heart of the solar panel.

Tempest in a Bass Pot

Fort Worth minister draws national attention to controversy over comedian’s appearance.
Dan McGraw
The demonstration over comedian D. L. Hughley’s appearance at Bass Performance Hall last weekend could produce another protest, this one involving legendary comedian/actor Bill Cosby.

Grove 0, Gas Well 1

Chesapeake won’t back off plans to level trees next to the Trinity Trail.
When Colonial Country Club signed a contract in May to allow gas drilling under its property off University Drive, it joined the long line of Fort Worth institutions expecting to rake in a lot of the green stuff from the Barnet...

Shaky Foundation

Homeowners — and HUD — give the city failing marks for its work in poor areas.
In Lydia Gonzalez’ house on Fort Worth’s old South Side, leaky pipes rotted the floor under her bathtub, and the whole bathroom had to be ripped out and redone.

Boos at the Bass

Dear Mayor Mike Moncrief and City of Fort Worth: I want to apologize if our protest at Bass Performance Hall last Saturday night caused some embarrassment for Fort Worth.

Ropin’ No Ghosts

The Cowtown Coliseum has a century of stories to tell, but the spirits are shy.
Funky Town’s funkiest arena turns 100 in October and still plays host to Wild West shows and rodeos.

Goin’ Long

Mayor Mike Moncrief never talks to Static’s colleagues here at the Weekly, so when he opens up to our broadcast media sistren, we gather ’round the electronic devices like oracle-seekers at Delphi. Two weeks ago, Mo...