Put Down that Beer and Step Away from the Walker

Senior citizens looking to buy a cool one are getting hot under the collar about ID policies.
Nobody accuses Dee Cantrell of being a shrinking violet. She’s more likely to be compared to bull nettle — brush up against her too hard, and you’re liable to be left smarting. So when the Haltom City resident got carded ...

Sports Suckers

Anyone who is a baseball fan in this part of Texas knows the Rangers stink – and, aside from a few good teams in the late ’90s, have stunk for most of their history.

Pledging Life and Allegiance

Immigrants help Uncle Sam fill the ranks — with citizenship as a reward.
As far back as he can remember, Oscar Reyes had wanted to be in the United States military. As a young boy growing up in Woodward, Okla., he often fantasized about it.

Behind on the Bills

The city’s failure to pay on time is causing problems for Eastside senior citizens.
Betty Brink
Fort Worth City Council member Frank Moss and city housing official Donald Cager were taken to the woodshed twice last week — in both cases, by a bunch of their elders using wheelchairs, walkers, and canes as well as figurati...

Who’s in First?

What do you call thousands of people who enter Texas illegally, when the people who live here don’t want them here?

Polecat Yowls

It’s official. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram editorial board has to be high on crack. Fried out of their peanut-sized minds.

The Speaker in Winter

True to his Golden Gloves past, Jim Wright answers the bell for another round.
Jeff Prince
Mornings begin with a trip to his spacious office and compiling a list of things to do. Days are spent knocking things off the list — from teaching chores to working on books and articles, to taking phone calls from former co...

Air Ball

Flyers’ departure leaves sports fans and local companies holding the bag.
Dan McGraw
Two years ago, when Fort Worth city officials decided to rob Peter to pay Paul, minor-league-sports-wise, there were plenty of signs that it was a risky maneuver.

Oh, for a Reality-based President

On a September evening in 1956, Marian Keech, a middle-aged woman living in the American Midwest, claimed she received a message from a planet called Clarion, saying that the world would be destroyed by a catastrophic flood on ...

‘Tis of Us

If you are reading this on the Fourth of July, rest easy in the knowledge that, somewhere in North Texas, Static, like normal people, is, rain or shine, eating barbecue and homemade ice cream – maybe even wearing its tall...