Their buildings say it all. Fort Worth’s three art museums — the Kimbell, the Carter, and the Modern — are gifts to the city from the rich and powerful. Each museum is the work of a world-famous architect — Louis Kahn, ...

The Good Fight

Five years ago outside the Walls Unit in Huntsville, on the night the State of Texas prepared to execute Lois Robison’s son, young photographer Scott Langley watched as she screamed and cried on the sidewalk.

Two Sides of an Ugly Coin

It’s easy, in some ways, for Fort Worth residents to feel superior when they look eastward and see the racially divisive politics that over the years have repeatedly torn apart the city council and the school board in Dal...

Grasshopper, Clubhopper

Last Call
A famous Zen proverb says: “You are where you are.” In Clubland, a similar adage holds true: “The party is where you are.”

The Real Ground Zero

On Feb. 9, 2001, two American civilians (no doubt big George Bush presidential campaign contributors) were permitted to take the USS Greenville (a 7,000-ton nuclear submarine) for a joyride in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Wilkes-Barre the Door!

Journalists at the The Times Leader in Wilkes-Barre breathed a misguided sigh of relief when Fort Worth’s Richard Connor and a group of investors recently bought the northern Pennsylvania newspaper.

Super Target

A blue-collar neighborhood that has long been fighting against the Cultural District’s upscale development boom won a round at City Hall recently. Just as important, Linwood residents got the message from city officials that ...

Lionizing Lone Star Art

Jeff Prince
At first glance, it’s simply a painting of a black gardener in overalls and floppy hat, tin cup dangling from his fingers, a gentle look on his weathered face. But it’s so much more to at least one collector.

Hold That Call

There is not one ounce of longing for the good old days in my head. Because when I think back to Pacer cars and white-belted leisure suits and Spiro Agnew and Steve Perry of the band Journey, I come to the conclusion that life ...

Loss of (Money) Down

When the We-Love-You-Jerry proponents of the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington made their case for sales tax dollars to be used for the football monolith, the main argument was that all sorts of money would be rolling int...