The Emperor’s New Jumpsuit

Tarrant County officials have one less excuse to hide behind this week.

Sacrament of the Trinity

Crickets swell, lush autumn night, silence buffering me as soon as I shut the car door, even with University Drive a few hundred yards away … . Across the Trinity, our night city glowed, reflection shimmering in the slow-...

They Know Nah-tink

Natural gas is a hot topic these days. Just ask the folks in Palo Pinto County, where fires burned for days after a drilling operation prompted a Dec. 16 underground explosion. The resulting crater gave some lucky rancher the l...

Don’t Pave the Park

Park land is a finite resource. Once it’s gone, whether sold or paved over, we’ve lost it. Two years ago, the League of Women Voters of Tarrant County conducted a study of park land in Tarrant County.

Perk-olatin’ Problems

The only thing that comes to mind is, “What were they thinking?”

Hole in the Middle

A few years ago, noted Texas author Larry McMurtry wrote a rather odd travel book called Roads, in which he described Arlington as “not so much a city as an area of confusion that manages to combine the worst features of ...

Can Citizens Say No?

To borrow a phrase from Clayton Williams, Fort Worth residents apparently are expected to lie back and enjoy the latest attack by city hall.

A Flag on Instant Replay

After all those hours of football over the Thanksgiving weekend, I jotted down what I like and don’t like about watching the national sport from my couch. Don’t like divas like Mariah Carey hoofing it around and lip...

Take That!

The hottest new toy this holiday season is a punching bag – named Wal-Mart.


No wonder George W. Bush loves McLennan County, where his ranch – dubbed the Western White House – is located, near Crawford. Who wouldn’t like a county that passes special laws to keep him from getting, like,...