Dems, Loaded for … Other Dems

When Republicans fight among themselves, it is usually kept private, maybe after praying in church or in the country club bar. Or maybe you fire your shotgun at your hunting partner and claim you were just trying to kill some q...

A Weak Constitution

I love our state. I’ve canoed the Red River and skinny-dipped in the Pedernales. I’ve weathered dust storms, snowstorms, hurricanes, and nearly five decades of hotter-than-hell summers. I’ve hitchhiked and dri...

Wood-headed in Woodhaven

Gentrification efforts in the East Side’s Woodhaven neighborhood, led by city councilwoman Becky Haskin, have reached new levels of hype. A Feb. 7 article in the Fort Worth Star-Tell-It-Like-It-Ain’t-agram under the...

Force to Live

On Aug. 1, 1966, David H. Gunby was a 23-year-old engineering student at the University of Texas. After a round of studying at a campus library, he walked out into the courtyard of the UT Tower. As he crossed the courtyard, he ...


It’s so tiresome having to listen to those whiny people who seem all hot and bothered about the loss of civil liberties under the current Shrubistration in Washington.

The name’s Weekly… Fort Worth Weekly

You know, Static always mentions the Fort Worth Star-Telegram by name when the city’s only daily newspaper is spotlighted in this little shaded box of snark.


Physically, all I have left are slight red marks on my hip and ankle from where the wire leads were positioned, annoying me like a spot rubbed raw by a too-tight shoe. They are the palest mementos of three seconds of crippling ...

Dem Divisions

Democrats in Tarrant County have been on a downward spiral for many years. In the 1990s, many local Democratic politicians saw the changes coming and switched to the Republican side. Now the Democrats have no county-government ...

Body Slam

A Fort Worth company was honored (and by “honored” we mean “trashed”) on a Top 14 list (and by “top” we mean “bottom-scraping larva doodie”).

Earthworms Unite

Another week, another … interesting meeting of the city’s gas drilling task force. Assistant City Manager Libby Watson, who missed the first two sessions while on vacation, began the third with a warning to the grow...