No wonder George W. Bush loves McLennan County, where his ranch – dubbed the Western White House – is located, near Crawford. Who wouldn’t like a county that passes special laws to keep him from getting, like,...

Between Concrete and Prairie

I guess it’s not really a moonbow because it forms a complete circle, but the word sounds good. Maybe if rainbows ended in the sky instead of the ground they’d be complete circles too.

Judging Becky

Just when you think the gall of city politicians has reached its zenith, Fort Worth City Council member Becky Haskin pushes it further.

Forget Avian Flu

I generally think of birds as flying rats. Some people attract them with feeders and go on trips just to look at birds wondrously through binoculars, but to me, they’re just another annoying critter that pecks at dead squ...

Old Dream, New Pockets

Several times in recent years, Fort Worth Weekly has written about investors and their big dreams to buy and renovate the fabled New Isis Theater on North Main Street in the Stockyards. The once-majestic theater retains its coo...

Abuse Behind Bars

The scoreboard reads: Texas Prison Officials 1, Justice 0.

The Big 5-0!

Alternative weeklies, once known as “underground papers,” came of age during the Vietnam War after mainstream media were slow to raise questions about that ugly conflict.

He Doth Froth Too Much

I almost was afraid to write this column. I’m mentioning the name of one of the most popular opinion show hosts in the United States – Bill O’Reilly. And those who write about O’Reilly often become the s...

Out of the Lineup

Statistically, the crowd at Fort Worth Cats games next year may be slightly younger – but surely not as much fun. Longtime Tarrant County politico and baseball aficionado Howard Green, who sat nightly behind home plate at...

All-American Torture

One reason I’ve always been proud to be an American is that I could go anywhere in the world – and I’ve been many places – and say it’s better back home in the States. We believe in free speech and...