Funny, How Limes Slip Away

Texas icon Willie Nelson recently hosted the 20th annual Farm Aid concert – can you believe two decades have passed since Nelson, Neil Young, and others held the first concert to help small independent farmers being drive...

Katrina West

Here in Fort Worth, “Where the West Begins,” I felt melancholic watching the airlift of New Orleans’ mostly poor, mostly black folks to far-flung cities in the American West.

Tragic Loss of Profit

The Trinity River Vision was always portrayed as a flood control project – but with a wink. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had concluded that it would cost about $9 million to better control “improbable” flo...

War of Words

Over the weekend, the folks on both sides of the Iraq War debate gathered in Washington to shout out their pain in mass demonstrations.

Sticking It to Us

Across this great and mighty state of Texas, grown men and women are falling to their knees and weeping like babies as they try to comprehend the new-fangled auto registration stickers.

Raining on the Water Board Parade

Was that the sweet fragrance of democracy that Static detected at a recent question-and-answer coffee klatch about the plan to build a half-billion-dollar lake just north of downtown?

Scopes Revisited

I’ve been listening to the congressional hearings for Supreme Court chief justice nominee John Roberts, and the process fills me with dread. Two down, one to go, the religious right says: They already have control of the ...

Fruit of the Neo-Cons’ Labor

Rollyn B. Carlson
My childhood memories are dotted with visions of summer days playing on the patio of my grandparents’ home, where I climbed pecan trees and rocked lazily back in forth in hammocks, listening to the trill of cicadas and dr...

Fumbling the Duffle

A few determined Fort Worth volunteers are making things happen for about 150 of the Big Easy’s refugees over at the Resource Connection.

he Muddy Waters of Race

The television coverage of Hurricane Katrina began with scenes of black, apparently poor, people lining up outside the New Orleans Superdome for shelter, and (poor) black people being frisked for weapons, alcohol, and drugs. It...