A Letter on School Funding

Dear Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst: Gov. Rick Perry has called the Texas Legislature into special session to begin April 17. And after months of saying he would limit the session to shuffling the tax system to lower local property ta...

He Fought the Law, and the Law Waffled

Remember Trevor Goodchild, the young Austin musician who was tasered repeatedly last February for the heinous crime of telling a cop he didn’t think he could be arrested for playing his guitar on the street? (“A Stu...

A New Landmark, Please

Dear XTO Energy, Hi. You don’t know me, but I live in downtown Fort Worth. I’m familiar with you, not through any vast knowledge of natural gas exploration and drilling, but from the work you’ve done to the bu...

Hear No Evil, See No Money

“It wasn’t our fault,” the beleaguered president and vice president of the General Employees City of Fort Worth whined, as they tried to explain to 30 or so members of the municipal workers’ labor group ...

Tea Time

A couple of hundred years ago, a bunch of colonists – including some of my ancestors – fought a revolution to win freedom from, among other things, taxation without representation. It may be getting close to that ti...

Hey, Homies Front Me Some Ear

I am a white guy – milky white. When I was growing up just outside Fort Worth, there were only four or five African-American kids in my entire school. I was friends with all of them, but my childhood was still about as &#...

A Day Without Becky …

Readers rely on Static for their weekly “snark fix,” and don’t worry, blood flies before this column ends. But first let’s talk about Sunshine Week (aww, it sounds so cute you just want to pinch its cudd...

Lassoing Kinky

Back in the 1920s and ’30s, Will Rogers had a plan for everything from fixin’ the national debt to staying out of whatever war came along.

Pretty Soon It Adds Up

The $200 million Museum Place development has passed the first test for public funding.

Buy This Space

Cowtown boasts what purports to be “the city’s magazine” – a publication called Fort Worth, Texas. But rather than reflecting the soul of the city, this glossy rag touts mainly the desires of its adverti...