A Day Without Becky …

Readers rely on Static for their weekly “snark fix,” and don’t worry, blood flies before this column ends. But first let’s talk about Sunshine Week (aww, it sounds so cute you just want to pinch its cudd...

Hey, Homies Front Me Some Ear

I am a white guy – milky white. When I was growing up just outside Fort Worth, there were only four or five African-American kids in my entire school. I was friends with all of them, but my childhood was still about as &#...

Pretty Soon It Adds Up

The $200 million Museum Place development has passed the first test for public funding.

Lassoing Kinky

Back in the 1920s and ’30s, Will Rogers had a plan for everything from fixin’ the national debt to staying out of whatever war came along.

Send ’Em a Telegram

When a daily paper like the Startlegram gets beat on a story by the piddling underclass (Fort Worth Weekly), the reaction follows a strict rule: Ignore the story for about a week, then find some new element to the topic, cover ...

Buy This Space

Cowtown boasts what purports to be “the city’s magazine” – a publication called Fort Worth, Texas. But rather than reflecting the soul of the city, this glossy rag touts mainly the desires of its adverti...

Don’t Look Back

She’s got the backing of The Dallas Morning News. He’s supported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The DMN’s was a “throw the rascal out” type recommendation; the ST’s limp endorsement was a l...

Hot Dates

When the City of Fort Worth announced that the Fort Worth Flyers minor league basketball team was coming to town, the spin was all positive. The team would bring a lot of fans into downtown Fort Worth, and it had the backing of...

Dems, Loaded for … Other Dems

When Republicans fight among themselves, it is usually kept private, maybe after praying in church or in the country club bar. Or maybe you fire your shotgun at your hunting partner and claim you were just trying to kill some q...

A Weak Constitution

I love our state. I’ve canoed the Red River and skinny-dipped in the Pedernales. I’ve weathered dust storms, snowstorms, hurricanes, and nearly five decades of hotter-than-hell summers. I’ve hitchhiked and dri...