Jacob Furr’s Sierra Madre

By Jasun Lee
Jacob Furr Sierra Madre (Self-released)   On 2014’s Trials and Traces, Jacob Furr delivered a heartbreaking work of staggering darkness in the wake of losing his wife to cancer the year before. Throughout the album’s 1...

courtesy spoonfedtribe.com

Our Tribe’s Fall Classic

Jerome 57 has been in his band longer than he hasn’t. Now 35, he cofounded Spoonfed Tribe when he was at the tender age of 15. Not many other North Texas musicians can claim a similarly lengthy musical/professional relationsh...



Sur Duda showcases the lo-fi leanings of War Party frontman Cameron Smith.
Steve Steward
Cameron Smith wanted to be a songwriter in his early teens, he said, after first hearing Bob Dylan. In fact, War Party originated as a vehicle for Smith to record and perform his material before the band’s writing process bec...

Courtesy Treehouse Cabaret.

Free to Rock

Treehouse Cabaret put in work to find a sound that can’t be pigeonholed.
Steve Steward
Say what you want about sonic identities, but no matter what a band thinks it sounds like, the common element among them all is that quest to make themselves sound unique, to discover what their signature sound is, and then hop...


Nobel, No Bob

Does Bob Dylan do it for you? I ask only because I keep hearing that people either love him or hate him. I guess I’ve always been hovering somewhere in the middle –– not anymore, though. The 75-year-old native Minnesotan ...

You From Before is brilliant, subdued.

To Telegraph Canyon

The banjo took me by surprise. Who am I kidding. It takes a lot more than a musical instrument to stun me. A talking dog – or a Taser – would probably work. (Probably.) But an old-timey Deliverance device? No, even though I...

Tornup: “I never thought I’d play out and become Warren Buffett.”

The Future is Now

Rapper Tornup is pushing the boundaries of hip-hop.
Eric Griffey
As Fort Worth-based rapper Tornup sat at Avoca Coffee during a bustling lunch hour trying to answer a reporter’s (overly) simple question –– How would you describe your rap style? –– the tall, striking Near Southside ...

Arts Goggle

Arts Goggle 2016

Fort Worth Weekly
There are one of two ways to take this: that Fort Worth is a lot bigger than many of us might think or – or – that downtown Fort Worth is not as important as we like to think it is, especially as we kick and scream in the s...


Dead Rising

The Saginaw-raised quartet caught a bad case of recording fever.
By Jasun Lee
Learning on the fly has become the norm for Dead Singers Party. The Fort Worth ensemble recorded and released its debut album, Strange Youth, in January before ever playing a single live show. The months since have seen the qua...

Programme: Starring Nathan Brown (left), Ben Hance (center), and Landon Cabarubio (right).

Enter: Programme

Nathan Brown thinks it’s “late-’70s police investigation/chase music,” but even if you were a kid in that time period, you probably spent your fair share of boring nights lounging on the couch as Kojak knocked yet anoth...