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Mind Spiders’ Mark Ryan: “I wonder if I can do a song in 3/4 that’s a Roy Orbison kinda thing?” Mind Spiders’ Mark Ryan: “I wonder if I can do a song in 3/4 that’s a Roy Orbison kinda thing?” Mind Spiders’ Mark Ryan: “I wonder if I can do a song in 3/4 that’s a Roy Orbison kinda thing?” Mind Spiders’ Mark Ryan: “I wonder if I can do a song in 3/4 that’s a Roy Orbison kinda thing?”

Spinning Mind Spiders

With a new album and major internet buzz, Mind Spiders have got legs.
The funny thing about buzz in the internet age is that the attention a band gets is seemingly disconnected from a sense of place. Chances are you haven’t heard of Mind Spiders –– heck, this fine publication has mentioned ...

The Glow of Mon Julien

Ex-Black Tie Dynasty duo finds new life — and new sounds.
For reasons that will become obvious later, one of the best songs off Mon Julien’s recently released eponymous album is also one of the first songs the band ever wrote. The ethereal yet driving track “The Inventor” has a ...

Killer or Filler?

Newish discs from Fort Worth jazzbos, indie rockers, punks, and rappers abound.
Like the proverbial 800-pound gorilla, bassist Paul Unger does exactly what he wants when he wants (or at least when he isn’t holding down his regular gig with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra) –– whether it’s explorin...

Killin’ ’em Softly

Killa MC hopes to help Fort Worth find its rhyme footing.
Killa MC and about a half-dozen other Fort Worth rappers huddled around a table at a local coffee shop about a year and a half ago and staged a plan to jumpstart their hometown’s anemic hip-hop scene.

Cody Jinks Hits 30

With a new album and tour on the way, this metalhead-cum-C&Wer is finally arriving.
The lanky stoner-looking dude at the bar at the White Elephant Saloon in the Stockyards might seem a little out of place amid all the Rockies and Stetsons, and you might wonder if the regulars figure he got lost on his way to a...

War Party Throws Back

Blending punk and doo-wop (!), this Fort Worth quartet defines “niche.”
The details of a brief November road trip to Austin are still hazy for War Party’s four members. In an interview on a recent evening, months after the trip, drummer Peter Marsh could only shake his head, grin, and apologize t...

Buzzing Slumberbuzz

What’s missing is material to Slumberbuzz’ rocking psychedelia.
Before pegging Slumberbuzz, first consult rock taxonomy and stop at shoe-gaze, one of various offshoots of post-rock. The 20-year-old term derives from the musicians’ tendency to look down while onstage, not so much because i...

Blonde Ambition

With Nashvegas behind her, Texas Music chanteuse Charla Corn is just hitting her stride.
When Texas Music singer-songwriter Charla Corn turned 19, the Panhandle native moved to Nashville to make it big. The young, fit, attractive blonde achieved some success, landing a gig as a part-time on-air personality for CMT,...

Upward to Madràs

The brothers behind Fou tackle an adventurous side project.
Started by brothers Jeevan and Mathew Antony, Madràs –– everything about it –– was created out of a series of seeming disconnects, fitting for a couple of transnational transients who have found their way to Fort Worth...

Breaking Badcreek

Hard-partying ex-punks are jonesin’ for a little alt-country.
Tell Badcreek’s five members they’re in a Southern rock band, and they won’t grouse much about it. It’s when you classify these Fort Worthians’ music as “Texas Music” that they cringe.