Music Feature

All That Is Beautiful

Fort Worth singer-songwriter Tim Platt is in bloom.
By his own admission, singer-songwriter Tim Platt, 25, is an introverted guy –– soft-spoken, modest, and not inclined to draw attention to himself. So when a bartender friend at Esoterica Salon & Lounge in the West 7th ...

Killer or Filler?

Our critics take a crack at some new local-ish (and partytastic) CDs.
Texas Music artists who celebrate redneckness via cliché-ridden novelty songs typically represent the worst of the genre. Fake cowboys glorifying the mundane make me want to listen to something else –– Paraguayan polka, in...

Cleanup on Aisle 11

The Fort Worth indie-prog quartet is busy in the studio and onstage.
A strange woman approached Brad Cannon not long ago after his band, The Cleanup, finished a set at a venue in Fort Worth. The woman, old enough to be the 21-year-old’s mother, nudged her way through a crowd to find him, deter...

Killer or Filler?

New discs from Darstar and Flatworld fall under the microscope.
 Perhaps as a testament to Darstar’s exceptionalness, Dallas-based Idol Records (Calhoun, Little Black Dress, The O’s) signed frontwoman Lisa Hardaway and her four bandmates before they ever recorded anything properly....

Burning Hotels Check In

The Fort Worth duo’s new album teems with ’80s glories but in only the best ways.
Burning Hotels, the electro-pop duo of Matt Mooty and Chance Morgan, are stuck in the middle. Hahaha. “Stuck in the Middle” is their most popular song. (What.) Well, it was their most popular song –– not that it’s no ...

In Gonzo City

With fun on their minds, this Fort Worth sextet rocks a rebirth.
Five high school bandmates graduate, grow apart, marry, have children, divorce, hop jobs, bounce around mostly dead-end musical projects, and, on the eve of their 30s, get back together with a Venezuelan transplant in a windowl...

Copeland’s Time

The 41-year-old Fort Worthian’s excellent new album could be a national debut.
The singer-songwriters were battling it out onstage. At stake was the chance to play a big show at 8.0 Restaurant & Bar downtown. Fort Worth’s Scott Copeland got up and launched right into “Lighthouse Keeper,” a song ...

Secret Ghost Champion Wins

With its heady new album, Psychosomatic Immortality, the Fort Worth quintet breaks out.
“Baby, baby, baby, baby –– that stuff is drivin’ me crazy” guest-rapper KRS-One asserts on the R.E.M. track “Radio Song,” a radio-friendly indictment of commercial radio that came out back when the internet was ju...

Killer or Filler?

New albums by Sarah Jaffe and A-Roy lead the hit parade.
Sarah Jaffe, The Way Sound Leaves a Room. For her third release, Sarah Jaffe has issued an EP containing five demos, an alternate version of her most identifiable song, and two covers. The Way Sound Leaves a Room also contains ...

Pumping Ronnie Heart

Ex-Neon Indian guitarist Ronald Gierhart delves into e-music.
Earlier this year, Ronald Gierhart left his gig as guitarist in Neon Indian, one of the country’s hottest indie acts, to stay home in Fort Worth, pursuing his own music and art and generally enjoying a slower pace. The 26-yea...