Music Feature

Apache 5’s Big Black Smoke

Frontman and spiritual leader Joshua Loewen’s take on ’60s bliss shakes in all the right places.
Singer-songwriter Joshua Loewen’s got a fevah, a vest-wearin’, spasmatic-dancin’, bangs-flippin’, grass-smokin’ ache for jangly guitars, snappy beats, and velveteen melodies. He’s tuned his satellite radio to the la...

Calhoun: Heavy Sugar in the Bank

The veteran Fort Worth quintet makes a statement.
The fifth track on Heavy Sugar, the latest album from Fort Worth’s Calhoun, is a tune called “Heart of Junk,” a melancholy, black valentine to a disappointer. A dreamy Fleetwood Mac-ish ballad, the song wouldn’t qualify...

Hydrogen Jukebox: Hot Air

Fort Worth Opera’s version is with you in Rockland, but I’m not.
In classical music, each new work is tasked with keeping the art form alive, and each live performance of a contemporary piece of music is an event and an occasion for taking the cultural temperature of a local audience. So we ...

A-Rumblin’ in Earthquake Country

Led by Jason Worley, this Fort Worth sextet throws back to the Dust Bowl to contemplate today.
Although alt-folkies Earthquake Country played their first live show only last Friday night at The Moon, you’d think they’d been together forever by virtue of their quietly confident debut album. The 13 songs on Diaspora we...

The Boobles: Beatles and Breasts

A local Beatles tribute act pays homage to women and hopes to raise money for a good cause at the same time.
A new band is on the run. A specific kind of Beatles parody outfit, The Boobles recently released their debut album, a 35-minute jaunt that has been more than two years in the making. With 11 tracks, versions of The Fab Four’...

Killer or Filler?

Our critics take a listen to some relatively recent local discs of note.
Fort Worth Weekly Music Staff
Seryn: This Is Where We Are

Comping the Fort Worth Co-Op

Some tracks shine on the nonprofit booking/promotions group’s first compilation CD.
Don’t underestimate the importance of quality control. Running a venue, dancing in a ballet company, curating a gallery, being in a band, publishing a free alt-weekly –– someone with experience needs to be nearby to say, ...

Killer or Filler?

Our critics take a listen to some North Texas discs of note.
Fort Worth Weekly Music Staff
First, we need to playfully slap Clay Wilson on the ass for not thanking “God” or “our heavenly father” or “6-pound/10-ounce baby Jesus” in the liner notes to The Clay Wilson Band’s freshly released debut full-len...

Killer or Filler?

Our critics take a listen to some new North Texas offerings.
Fort Worth Weekly Music Staff
The number of CDs being produced by local artists on small labels or in home studios is both blessing and curse. It’s interesting to hear what seven gazillion different artists do with the same finite number of musical notes ...

A-Roy’s Not Rough

Though about to get his master’s, rapper Alan Royal has just released a stellar debut.
Last fall, when Alan Royal started rapping in front of live audiences, he would introduce himself as “just a regular guy who likes hip-hop.” Royal, however, is anything but a regular hip-hop fan. Or artist. A-Roy, as he’s...