Music Feature

Killer or Filler?

Our critics take a listen to some North Texas discs of note.
Fort Worth Weekly Music Staff
First, we need to playfully slap Clay Wilson on the ass for not thanking “God” or “our heavenly father” or “6-pound/10-ounce baby Jesus” in the liner notes to The Clay Wilson Band’s freshly released debut full-len...

Killer or Filler?

Our critics take a listen to some new North Texas offerings.
Fort Worth Weekly Music Staff
The number of CDs being produced by local artists on small labels or in home studios is both blessing and curse. It’s interesting to hear what seven gazillion different artists do with the same finite number of musical notes ...

A-Roy’s Not Rough

Though about to get his master’s, rapper Alan Royal has just released a stellar debut.
Last fall, when Alan Royal started rapping in front of live audiences, he would introduce himself as “just a regular guy who likes hip-hop.” Royal, however, is anything but a regular hip-hop fan. Or artist. A-Roy, as he’s...

Saint Marie Records Arrives

From his North Fort Worth home, Wyatt Parkins is introducing the world to new sounds.
Fort Worth may turn into a music town after all.

The Skeeves Get Dirty

Only you are to blame if you buy into this Fort Worth indie-rock quartet’s brand of urban noir.
On their recently released self-titled debut album, The Skeeves tear through several genres of music. From mod-pop to synth-laced industrial trance to gritty, uptempo lounge rock, the Fort Worth foursome covers a lot of bases a...

SXSW Wrap-Up

Two of our intrepid reporters offer dispatches from the front lines.
I was about four beers into my 12-pack when I realized Taiwan was not in Japan. One of my new Taiwanese friends, who had told me his unpronounceable-by-me name only five or six times while hanging out on the hotel patio after a...

Beauxregard’s Gryphoemia

A nostalgia for Westerns and turn-of-the-20th-century chic inform this Fort Worth quartet’s “future Western” sound.
J. Quincy Romine, lead singer and co-songwriter for the baroque Americana band Beauxregard, has an intriguingly diverse set of influences. He loves movies –– especially Westerns –– at least as much as music, and he draw...

The Hendersons: Back to the Future

With a “futuristic flashback” rock sound and new CD, this Arlington duo is ready to play.
Nolan Robertson labored intensely over every sonic meter of Lotosyros, the first mini-album from his ’60s revivalist, dream-pop project The Hendersons. After the 20-year-old Arlingtonian’s former band, the uptempo Holy Moth...

Big Cliff, JKush: Freestyle Kings

These two local wordsmiths feel most at home off the cuff and in front of a live non-rap band.
Rappers Big Cliff and JKush will never replicate a performance. In fact, they will never even come close to doing a song the same way twice. Even asking for a repeat would be futile, as the friends and lyrical partners make eve...

Say Oh Whitney

With a new album on the way, this Fort Worth-NYC quartet just wants to play, Facebook be damned.
Every band should have a patron saint like the one that watches over alt-Americana outfit Oh Whitney. She lets the band members live in her Fort Worth house, feeds them, and offers constant encouragement while they try to launc...