Music Feature

Sonar Lights Shine

Led by a Greek Elvis, this hard-rocking Fort Worth quartet has global ambitions.
Sonar Lights frontman George Miadis could have been “the next Elvis Presley” in Greece, said Sonar Lights bassist Artell Vincent. When drummer Roy Oteo traveled with Miadis to the frontman’s homeland last summer, he was a...

Fou For You

Two TCU students from Dubai and their drummer share a romantic vision of the world.
When Jeevan Antony was a boy living in Dubai, he didn’t yet know how to play an instrument, but, undeterred, he filled notebooks full of sappy, idealistic lyrics. Jeevan and his younger brother, Mathew, formed their opinions ...

Phantom Caste Surges Forward

Though specializing in glammy synth-rock, this Fort Worth quintet isn’t interested in reliving the ’80s.
The moody electronic rock quintet Phantom Caste released its debut EP, Hands to the Light, last summer to considerable praise from critics and fans. The band’s high-drama combination of runaway beats, angular guitars, dark wa...

Merkin Tools Along

Though the guys in the mod-rock trio rarely rehearse, they’re still super-tight and highly capable.
The guys in the mod-rock trio Merkin get a lot of flak for naming their band after a pubic wig. Calling their first full-length album in an eight-year existence Scatology (the study of excrement) probably doesn’t help encoura...

Red Starlet Glistens

Led by New York City producer Robby Baxter, this Arlington trio explores time … and space.
When producer and multi-instrumentalist Robby Baxter moved back to Arlington last year after climbing the music industry hierarchy in New York City, he felt he was “rolling the dice,” he said. He had done production work fo...

Through the Black & Blues

Creative differences aside, this rock ’n’ soul quintet has a bright future.
The four men and one woman who make up the Black & Blues have all blazed their own trails through the music business. Guitarist Mark Lettieri contributes to the music of marquee artists such as Erykah Badu and Tito Jackson ...

Dan Family Do’s

Sticking out like a sore thumb is one of the cowpunking Dan Family’s best attributes.
Brett Walker, who plays standup bass in the cowpunk trio The Dan Family, writes songs in his head as he drives a tractor around his family’s Parker County farm all day. His co-songwriter, guitarist Daniel Payne, finds inspira...

Irv Jones’ Beats

The Fort Worth producer is changing the rap game one monster hook at a time.
Irv Jones doesn’t stop to rest for any day of the year. On Thanksgiving, the producer, drummer, singer, and artist developer was recording at his home studio and plotting the next move for his label, Sphere Music Group. Jones...

Skeleton Coast Goes Native

The Fort Worth quartet specializes in jungle pop.
Currently all the members of the avant-garde pop quartet Skeleton Coast live in the same house. Singer-multi-instrumentalist Bobby McCubbins, singer- multi-instrumentalist Ryan Torres, bassist Mike Best, and drummer Brian Garci...

Igneous Grimm Spaces In

The only electronics owned by this band are musical. Otherwise, it’s 1972 all over again.
As often as it has been emulated, the spirit of classic rock has rarely been truly reproduced. Igneous Grimm, a Cleburne-based psychedelic roots-rock quintet, harkens back to the Moody Blues, Pink Floyd (especially Obscured by ...