Music Feature

The Villain Vanguard’s Revenge

After a series of drummers, the Fort Worth groove-funk band is back and tougher than ever.
When The Villain Vanguard formed in 2004, the then-sextet launched into Fort Worth’s eclectic music scene with brash boogie and high hopes. After 2006’s Enter the Platypus, the guys felt they were on the verge of breaking i...

Hanna Barbarians Feel Good

With a new album on the way, this Doors-ish sextet sees nothing but stars.
The six guys in the Hanna Barbarians are hippies, indubitably, but they have put a decidedly practical spin on their freewheeling peace ’n’ love aspirations. The music is Southern-fried, psychedelic, and open to improvisati...

LAZËR Fires One Off

The Deutschland-obsessed hip-hop duo LAZËR sharpens its musicality.
Onstage, the techno hip-hip duo LAZËR delivers a high-concept performance punctuated with lowbrow shenanigans. The official — and invented — backstory for ‘the boyz’ is that a dictatorial master rhymer ...

Darrin Kobetich’s Longest Winter

The Fort Worth guitar virtuoso has a new album on the way and sundry projects to boot.
Darrin Kobetich and his guitars have been through a lot together over the last 33 years. When he was a howling force in thrash metal bands, commercial success seemed a distinct possibility. Neither Hammer Witch nor the next pro...

Dru B Shinin’

From Topeka to TCU, this Korean-American rapper writes about every angle of life.
Rapper Dru B Shinin’ used to take part in hip-hop battles but not anymore. While his insightful, intelligent lyrical flow might help him triumph over other rappers, Dru is not a competitive guy. Instead he is driven by a desi...

Foxymorons Tell Bible Stories

The Nashville-Fort Worth based brainchild of David Dewese and Jerry James achieves indie-rock brilliance.
The Foxymorons aren’t your typical band. It’s the songwriting vehicle for two guys from different cities, Fort Worth’s Jerry James and Nashville’s David Dewese, who nevertheless have spent the past decade –– not qui...

Killer or Filler?

Our critics examine some local discs of note.
Fort Worth Weekly Music Critics
Feeler is the lost Toadies album, recorded in 1997 and meant as the follow-up to the Fort Worth quartet’s widely acclaimed platinum-selling album Rubberneck. But the band’s former record label, Interscope, thought the album...


’70s sci-fi, the occult, and heavy riffage combine to form Void Mariner and the Mystic Boogie of the Sacred Line.
Lots of bands put out CDs. Few bands put out an album, in the sense of a seminal recording (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Pet Sounds, In the Court of the Crimson King) that doesn’t offer songs as much as moments an...

Reckoning In Memory of Man

With a new EP, this 817 supergroup achieves metal for grown-ups.
Last year, the veteran Fort Worth prog-metal band Loaded Moses dissolved but didn’t really disappear. Instead, the two main songwriters, guitarist Chad Beck and singer Alex Lilly, picked up four new bandmates and took on the ...

Killer or Filler?

Local band's new (or newish) CDs are on the chopping block.
Fort Worth Weekly Staff
When area musicians talk about drummer Matt Mabe, they do so with a healthy measure of respect for his skills on the skins. Soon, people may express that same reverence for Matt’s younger brother, Danny, who dropped out of co...