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Cadillac Sky Issues Letters

Obsessive and eerie, the neo-bluegrass band’s latest is a testament to perseverance.
Last year was a difficult one for the neo-bluegrass outfit Cadillac Sky. On a personal level, constant touring took a heavy toll –– some band members were forced to confront painful realities like divorce and addiction. On ...

Cityview is Big

With a stellar new album in pocket, the punk-pop quartet gets closer to contentment.
Drummer Mike Smith, singer Andy Kelly, and guitarist John Robinson Jr. make up the current lineup of Cityview along with bassist Matt Kuczaj. But Smith, Kelly, and Robinson have been friends ever since they met in junior high s...


The Fort Worth quintet has a new 7-inch on the way and is planning a small Midwestern tour.
HUMANERROR’s performance reputation precedes the band. Inside an unventilated, austere warehouse, the noise is palpable, the speed astonishing. Fists swing like maces, sweat flies wild, bruises are taken in stride. Enraptured...

Believing in the Scene

A Fort Worth singer-songwriter proselytizes to the unwashed: you.
Today is Wednesday, and Wednesday is, for whatever reason, the day when every self-respecting musical artist Googles his or her name and album or song in a variety of formations, seeking press, hype, or lack thereof. I also hav...

Fungi Girls: All Hyped Up

The Cleburne teens have a lot to live up to, which is saying something.
Fame, sex, the power to demand Maine lobster tail at 3 a.m. — everyone starts a band with some sort of dream in mind. All Cleburne’s Fungi Girls have ever wanted is to be taken seriously. One look at the trio (of guys — t...

Killer or Filler?

Some notables from a recent slate of local discs ...
Fort Worth Weekly Staff
In The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera categorized obsessive womanizers as either lyrical (“those who seek their own subjective and unchanging dream of a woman in all women”) or epic (“prompted by a desire to...

D-Beat Via Rotundus

The metal-punk quartet’s new cassette is an escape.
Sunsets of orange and violet, freedom from the visual clutter of skyscrapers and highway overpasses, pecan pie at the Lord’s Acre in the fall, Indian paintbrushes in the spring — the area just south of Fort Worth is a perfe...

The Burning Hotels’ Next Chapter

Novels sets the stage for the Fort Worth indie-rock band’s first big tour.
Let’s just assume that the average kick-ass indie-rock band isn’t going to be whisked away to the Virgin Islands on a private jet, play for a cigar-chomping record-label exec, and then appear on the front cover of Rolling S...

Killer or Filler?

Our critics take a gander at some newly released discs.
Fort Worth Weekly Staff
A Dream I Used to Remember is the third installment in the unlikely collaboration between a Norwegian experimental jazz bassist (Loyal Label honcho Eivind Opsvik) and an Oklahoman guitarist-banjoist-software geek (Aaron Jenning...

Titanmoon Sees Stars

The well-traveled synth-rock band has more going on than just a new album.
The title of Titanmoon’s new album We All See Stars could easily refer to the songs: glittery, buoyant, and flowing with a seductive sonic generosity. Sounds incorporated into the tunes include ones captured at a revival at a...