Music Feature

Twisted Black Rhymes On

Though he’s behind bars, the Fort Worth artist hasn’t stopped rapping.
Street cred isn’t all it’s, uh, cracked up to be. High-profile rappers sentenced to significant prison terms –– Mystikal, Shyne, Slick Rick –– have watched their careers wither. Part of the reason is that promoting ...

Raging Boner Gets Pissed

Playing for the sake of playing defines the local punk trio.
Almost anyone in a band will try to sell you the same story: I’m only in it for the music, man! But when you’re in your 30s, married with a kid, working a full-time job, and you’ve named your band Raging Boner — how cou...

Shapes Stars Make Are Out There

The North Texas trio explores the rougher side of ambient music.
In These Mountains Are Safe, the North Texas trio Shapes Stars Make manages to turn furious progressive rock into an electronic lullaby. The majority of the album’s eight songs are sprawling and wordless, and when guitarist a...

What SXSW Says About FW

The local scene can get deeper while everyone else wades in the shallows.
I spent the past six SXSW festivals running up and down 6th Street trying to catch every band I possibly could. Not this year, though. I saw plenty of good shows, like Band of Skulls, Imaad Wasif, Low Anthem, and Miike Snow, bu...

Wasted Words Aren’t

Though purely anarchic, an 817 art collective has unifying qualities.
They walk among us, inconspicuous, hooked on the sickest fix in town. Jason Aldy, an overly polite 28-year-old, works at a health food store, relaxes to Bastard Noise, and performs as Unprotected Sex. Soft-spoken Mickey Spaldin...

Sunny Roads Ahead for J. Walkers

The 817 fiddle-rock trio preps a new album and tour.
Take a look at the scrubbed-clean MySpace photos of the pop rock quintet The J. Walkers, and you can tell from their shiny smiles, cherubic faces, and variously styled mop tops that these Tarrant County natives are being groome...

Tommy Atkins (1974-2010)

Tommy Wayne Atkins, bassist for the Fort Worth experimental hard-rock trio The Great Tyrant, was found dead at home last Thursday afternoon. His two longtime friends and bandmates, Jon Teague and Daron Beck, worried when he did...

Panhandling Law Hampers Buskers

In Sundance Square, cops are pulling the plug on tips.
Ray Russell has been playing blues guitar around Fort Worth for more than 25 years. For the past year, he has been a busker, meaning that he performs on the street instead of playing in traditional venues. He says he earns more...

He’s Changed

Singer-songwriter David Matsler gets serious about the studio.
While making We’ve Changed, Fort Worth troubadour David Matsler faced his demons and found them less daunting than he had feared. After five years of obsessively devoting his life to music, he finally relinquished his nee...

Crystal Blue Persuasion

The prolific Eyes, Wings And Many Other Things take flight.
When Colin Arnold of the Dallas psychedelic duo Eyes, Wings And Many Other Things admits that his and ex-Fort Worthian Sean French’s band “lends itself to people in a certain state of mind,” he clearly means &...