Music Feature

Fledgling No More

Self-taught Bjork-esque singer-songwriter Kristina Morland reluctantly embraces change. By JIMMY FOWLER Singer-songwriter Kristina Morland remembers the first guitar her mother bought her. She was 15 years old and living in Den...

From Darkness to Morning

Carey Wolff lives the only way he knows how: as a depressive Americana singer-songwriter. By CAROLINE COLLIER Carey Wolff was a mite surprised to learn he had won the readers’ choice for Local Rock Star in the Weekly̵...

Down, Far From Out

Black Tie Dynasty’s new album proves there’s more to the Fort Worth quartet than flash. By ANTHONY MARIANI Apparently, something about Black Tie Dynasty rubs people the wrong way. Dallas Observer staffers, if archiv...

Against Type

Who says Fort Worth belter Melinda Wood Allen can’t be an IngĂ©nue? By JIMMY FOWLER The traditional cabaret act – one singer, one accompanist, and an audience gathered in an intimate space – may seem like a sn...

Open Season

Fort Worth metal quintet No Scope comes out guns blazing on its new one, Hindsight 2012. By CAROLINE COLLIER There’s no time like the present for No Scope’s highly polished, forceful, Think-for-Yourself/Question-Aut...

The Right Way

Caroline Collier
Newbie Texas Music act Braker Lane is a culmination of musical stops and starts. By CAROLINE COLLIER Country singer-songwriter Matthew Lane grew up in rural Kentucky, where it was all Johnny, Waylon, and Willie all the time. Wh...

Old Young Man

Though only 23, bluesy singer-songwriter Sam Anderson knows whence he came. By CAROLINE COLLIER Bluesy singer-songwriter Sam Anderson was studying visual art at Texas Tech University four years ago when he decided to learn guit...

Post Punk

Local one-man-band and insane performer Alex Atchley goes “pro.” Kind of. By ANTHONY MARIANI On his web site, aae.hotdogstorm.com, the Alex Atchley Experience’s eponymous frontman and lone member writes that h...

Wild and Untamed Thing

Young singer-songwriter Jessie Frye draws from odd influences to take The Delve. By JIMMY FOWLER Arlington singer-songwriter Jessie Frye sounds older than her 19 years on The Delve, her recently released debut EP. But the preco...

Big Game

After almost a year of buzz, the indie-rock quintet Dove Hunter released its debut album earlier this summer.