Sound, Art

Last spring, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth did a trés cool, trés New York City thing and produced an outdoor concert, in the sculpture garden on the second floor.

Flying Solo

Local R&B-rock quartet Soulever Lift finds a middle ground between Christian and secular, contented and poor.
Admittedly, the four members of Soulever Lift realize they’re just another local band following every possible avenue to achieve some sort of success in the independent music market.

Big Dans and Mikes

Say what you will about Rolling Stone’s hero-worship, staunchly leftist sympathies, arbitrary lists, and relatively recent descent into fetishizing celebrities a la People magazine, but the 41-year-old publication is vita...

Gonna Fly Now

With her new album, Fort Worth singer-songwriter Elizabeth Wills intends to inspire listeners rather than bum them out.
Singer-songwriter Elizabeth Wills recently relocated to her hometown of Fort Worth after a few years working a non-musical gig in the gorgeous mountain city of Aspen, Colo.

David “Honeyboy” Edwards

Listen Up
David “Honeyboy” Edwards is no longer in his prime, but he’s still got the feel for the old-time, acoustic blues.

Samuel James

Listen Up
Samuel James’ version of the blues mixes tradition, sly humor, and a knowing wink with a steady, almost hypnotic acoustic beat.

On the Cusp

Not sure what it means, but at Calhoun’s packed show last week at Lola’s, when the Fort Worth rock ‘n’ roll quartet/quintet played “Kick-Drum Mind” – a catchy number off the band’...

He Loves Fort Worth

Owen “Boomer” Castleman has played with the greats and is still kickin’.
If the video game Guitar Hero had only songs written and performed by Texas music legends, it’s a good bet that one song by Owen “Boomer” Castleman would be unbeatable.

The Show: Drowning Pool

The Show
A funny thing happened to Drowning Pool on the way to the forum: The wheels fell off the chariot.


Now that dancing days are here again, the good ol’ Eastside speakeasy is opening its doors back up to some BYOB-partying. A little background: The speakeasy is a club of sorts, not far from downtown, where bands of the pa...