Katsuk, Kahsen, and Case

Heavy metal was a bad reaction to psychedelic music and everything it stood for: peace, love, freewill, dirty hair, smelly clothes, everything. Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and a lot of equally heavy but lesser-kno...

Little Big Fire

With her new album, sylph-like singer-songwriter April Geesbreght returns to good health — and music.
Jimmy Fowler
It’s been four years since singer-songwriter April Geesbreght released her last CD, the introspective, folk-inflected In Other Words.

James McMurtry

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Fort Worth-born James McMurtry continues to display a wickedly sharp sense of right and wrong on his new Just Us Kids.

Flyover Spillover

Every year around the middle of March, Fort Worth – and probably every other alleged flyover town in the Southwest – gets spillover from SXSW, the music conference and festival that takes place in Austin every year....

2 Legit 2 Quit

Goodwin’s second album has been a long time coming but not without just cause.
One of Goodwin’s first shows was around 2004 at the now-shuttered Wreck Room.

Corb Lund

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On the redundantly titled Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!, Corb Lund tackles historical subjects that still resonate with the sorts of sentiments that lead young men and women to live as tools of war: the desire to do something e...


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As their name suggests, Dirt&Earthyvibes rely on some down-home growling and rowdy hippie-style hand drums.

Egypt Central

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When you name your band after one of Iron Maiden’s favorite themes but sound like Limp Bizquick, you’re just asking to get your ass kicked.

Burning Celluloid

The folks at Walden Media were having a helluva time finding the right Texas band to play a small performance bit in one of their upcoming movies, a film called Will, being shot in Austin and starring Friends’ Lisa Kudrow...

Jazz jumps back onto the Cowtown scene.

Take the elevator down to the 4th Street basement where the Scat Jazz Lounge lives these days, and you’ll find the night-blooming flower of jazz thriving under the dim lights.