Dream Weaver

Arlington singer-songwriter Beth Wood’s nighttime visions have led her to success and a new album.
More than a dozen years ago, musician Beth Wood was your typical student struggling to earn a degree in literature from the University of Texas.

On the Verizon?

A marketing person from out of town called me recently and asked about the venues in Fort Worth. I said, well, we have 8.0 Bar and Café, Bass Performance Hall, Billy Bob’s Texas, The Horseman, the Ridglea Theater, and a ...

Rocky Mountain High

Back from Colorado, folk-rock singer-songwriter Daniel Katsük has newfound energy and … new bandmates.
When local folk-rocker Daniel Katsük decamped for Boulder, Colo., a year ago, he was looking forward to a new start.

The Soft Parade

I hate noise pollution. Dogs barking all damn day long, hoopties pumping bass drums, loud office chatter when I’m trying to compose my spellbinding prose!, motorcycles, jackhammers at six a.m., somebody’s dreadful j...

Five Times August

Listen Up
Brad Skistimas, the 24-year-old Dallasite who operates under the sweeping moniker Five Times August, recently released his second full-length effort, Brighter Side.

Big Bertha

The last time I saw local fusion pioneers Bertha Coolidge play, I admit, I was a little underwhelmed. Could have been the venue: the parking-lot stage behind the Bronx Zoo Sports Café off West Seventh Street, many moons ago fo...

Scorched Earth

Contemplating the Wasteland is heady – and brilliant – business for Calhoun.
We are survivalists. Quickly and accurately, we must use our eyes and ears (and sometimes noses) to separate the people who will happily pick us up from the airport from the people who will de-pants us in public from the people...

Sound, Art

Last spring, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth did a trés cool, trés New York City thing and produced an outdoor concert, in the sculpture garden on the second floor.

Flying Solo

Local R&B-rock quartet Soulever Lift finds a middle ground between Christian and secular, contented and poor.
Admittedly, the four members of Soulever Lift realize they’re just another local band following every possible avenue to achieve some sort of success in the independent music market.

Big Dans and Mikes

Say what you will about Rolling Stone’s hero-worship, staunchly leftist sympathies, arbitrary lists, and relatively recent descent into fetishizing celebrities a la People magazine, but the 41-year-old publication is vita...