Let’s go out on a limb and say you haven’t read this column over the past few weeks. (Inconceivable, I know.) Now let’s say someone said to you, “Omigod! Green River Ordinance is playing 6th Street Grill...

The Blonde Girls

The Show
The best thing about the relatively new trio The Blonde Girls is that they’re noisy but in a good, Sonic Youth-y, Pavementian, Moby Grapesque way.

Frankie Miller

Listen Up
It seems every generation of country music fans goes through the same controversy about whether the “traditional” sound is being overtaken by pop music influences.

Johnny Cash

Personal File (Columbia/Legacy)
Listen Up
Johnny Cash sat at a microphone in his home studio with his guitar and sang these often sentimental, sometimes corny, always heartfelt songs into a tape machine, then filed them away — many of them more than 30 years ago. The...

O Brother, There Art Thou

Fort Worth-raised T Bone Burnett is releasing his first solo record in 14 years.
There’s no doubt that T Bone Burnett is a mature artist — the 58-year-old was mentored by Bob Dylan, worked on plays with Sam Shepard, did movies with the Coen brothers, and has collected five Grammys.

Valhalla’s ‘Beautiful’ Nudity

HearSay’s never claimed to be ahead of the curve. Just about every time I go out, someone says to me, “Dude! Have you heard New Band X?” To which I often respond, “Um, no.” “Dude!” the ...

Iggy, Yngwie, and FWWMA’s

If anything, the new Fort Worth-based Stooges cover band that operates under the title of Stoogeaphilia could give a few youngsters ’round these parts a good history lesson in professional rocking and rolling.


Before any of y’all call my boy Tahiti a sell-out, let this marinate: There is no such thing as selling out, especially if people know that you’re actually taking an artistic step forward.

Litter, Bugs

Y’all are bumming me out – for reals. Two weekends ago at the Aardvark, Calhoun performed along with The Chemistry Set and The February Chorus, and it was probably the best local rock show of the past two or three y...

Blues on 6th

Contrary to popular opinion, I love the blues, I really do. James Hinkle, Holland K. Smith, Rocky Athas – they’re all awesome. Every one of ‘em works his ass off and serves up the blues the way it was intended...