Litter, Bugs

Y’all are bumming me out – for reals. Two weekends ago at the Aardvark, Calhoun performed along with The Chemistry Set and The February Chorus, and it was probably the best local rock show of the past two or three y...

Blues on 6th

Contrary to popular opinion, I love the blues, I really do. James Hinkle, Holland K. Smith, Rocky Athas – they’re all awesome. Every one of ‘em works his ass off and serves up the blues the way it was intended...

Wall of Sound-Off

A proud Fort Worthian going on four years now, I can’t recall a local music event that’s inspired as much chatter as this past weekend’s Wall of Sound Festival, a two-day extravaganza at the Ridglea Theater th...

Modico, May, and Matt

Funny, but when some local musos have a show coming up or are about to release a new c.d., I’m their best friend, which, mind you, is not a problem, not in the least.

The Cult of Velveeta

Every once in a blue moon, someone tears HearSay away from the local music scene to see a show by a national act. I admit: I’m usually complicit in the escape.

Art, High and Low

Oh, those wacky hipsters. While we were sleeping, a bona fide arts community has risen on the South Side, and it’s as ambitious as anything to ever emanate from Denton (a.k.a. Hipsterville).

Downtown! Things’ll Be Great When You’re …

Last week, on the day that Wreck Room owner Brian Forella signed the lease on a new spot, the downtown space formerly known as the Pig & Whistle, he got the news that the Wreck Room building had been sold.

Locke at the Lab, Monsters at the Dog

You may know Tim Locke from such memorable bands as Blue Sky Black, the Grand Street Cryers, and Coma Rally. Yet other than by his aching, straight-to-the-heart voice and distinct sense of vocal melody, you probably wouldn̵...

Jack’s Off the Wall of Sound

The lords of local music giveth, and the lords of local music taketh away. No sooner did Axis close its doors for good last month than another, equally swanky club opened.

Dog Days Are Here

Last Call
You’ve heard all about the forthcoming redevelopment of the West Seventh Street area and the ongoing redevelopment of the Montgomery Ward complex. Well, with last week’s opening of the Black Dog Tavern on Crockett S...