Local Round-Up

Hands down, one of the best heavy heavy metal bands in North Texas, Fort Worth’s Necrogazm is about to release a new c.d., The Order Within Chaos, and, based on a few advance listens, it’s just peachy.

Blue-Eyed Soul

Last Call
See, we put this paper to bed on Tuesdays, so you know that just about every Tuesday night, HearSay’s on the town causing trouble (for my liver). Of my favorite after-work haunts (the Torch, the Cellar, Shamrock Pub), the...

From the Village to the Tower

As you may (or may not) know (or care), Associate Editor Anthony Mariani is one of, like, a thousand “music critics” across the country who votes in The Village Voice’s annual Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll.

New Dog, Experience a Success

Most folks in the know (don’t look at me) are pumped about the new Black Dog Tavern. (In case you’ve been sleeping these past two months, Tad Gaither’s slice o’ the East Village is relocating from a cell...

Thank Ya Very Much

Not too long ago, before I got a life, I was a wreck – especially around the holidays.

the cut*off got Experience

As with baking or weight-lifting or “writing,” there’s a right and a wrong way to create ’60s-ish jamboree-style rock ‘n’ roll. The “wrong” hit record store shelves a couple of mo...

Collin, GRO, Correction

Being the loud-mouthed centers of the universe we think we are, my family and I don’t celebrate holidays when the calendar says to.

Super Strings

Everything is connected, especially considering the goings-on this week.

Triple-A’s Chemistry ‘Clashes

It’s been a long time, but on Friday Daniel Katsuk and his A-Hummin’ Acoustical Acupuncture are returning to the Wreck Room (3208 W 7th St, FW; 817-348-8303), where they used to hold a weekly Monday night gig until ...

Woodeye, Sonic Death

With a heavy heart, HearSay reports the demise of one of Fort Worth’s longest-running and most beloved North Texas bands of all time. Woodeye is no more. The band, said bass player Graham Richardson, had simply peaked.