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blacktop rearview

Camp Bowie Boulevard Blacktop Gets New Sheen

Jeff Prince
Some folks got a thrill this past weekend seeing street construction workers removing the asphalt blacktop from Camp Bowie Boulevard between the Kimball Museum west to the big intersection at University Drive. Most of Camp Bowi...

JoeP, Co

Fort Worth School District Will Appeal Palazzolo Case – UPDATED

Eric Griffey
Updated by Melissa Wylie The Fort Worth School District will be appealing the verdict of the Joe Palazzolo trial. In March, the former Arlington Heights assistant principal turned whistleblower was awarded $2.4 million in his w...


Laundry Day

The four-year saga of former Arlington Heights assistant principal Joe Palazzolo looks to be coming to an end. A jury could reach a verdict as soon as Wednesday in the trial of his whistleblower suit against the Fort Worth scho...

strong children

Community Leaders To Discuss The State Of Black Children

Jeff Prince
Tiptoeing around the issue of race just isn’t Rev. Kyev Tatum’s style. In the past, he’s filed complaints that accused the Fort Worth Independent School District and Arlington Heights High School of establishing different...

Robert Hart

Crying ‘bout the Chapel

The church that ate Arlington Heights
The contentious meeting was winding down; a church official and architect were wearying after listening to neighbors vent frustrations for an hour. Fort Worth’s Christ Chapel Bible Church is big and getting bigger, expanding ...

Shaw: The number of teachers leaving Heights is only “a little more than usual.” Jeff Prince

Leaving Heights

About a fourth of the troubled high school’s faculty is heading out the door.
The first to go was Tommy Elliott, the winning head baseball coach at Arlington Heights High School for the last 30 years. This year he put both his glove and his grading pencil (he also taught English) on the shelf, retiring a...

Fired FWISD Whistleblower Chavez Reinstated

At last night’s Fort Worth school board meeting, Aracely Chavez, the former financial department employee who blew the whistle on the failed Tyler Industries payroll computer program that overpaid 2,000 employees (some lo...

Civil Rights Investigation in Progress at AHHS

Officials from the United States Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights have confirmed  that the office is investigating the allegations of disparate treatment of minority students at Arlington Heights High School ...

Palazzolo v FWISD Update

The last day of the hearings on the former Arlington Heights High School assistant principal and noted whistleblower Joe Palazzolo’s appeal of his firing by the district was full of fireworks, the most explosive following the...

To No One’s Surprise, Whistleblower Gets the Axe

After numerous impassioned and emotional speeches on his behalf, the Fort Worth school board last night voted 6-3 to fire Joe Palazzolo, the embattled ex- assistant principal and whistleblower at Arlington Heights High School. ...