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Sharing the Wealth

Arts patrons aren’t thrilled at a Bass arena getting the Cadillac while they get the Ford — but they’re coming around.
The newly built Trail Drive just south of the Will Rogers Memorial Center is about as fancy as a road gets in this city. The extra-wide four-lane street includes more than 100 ornate streetlamps that cost $1,300 each, beautiful...

Mayor Betsy Price: “We don’t like other cities outdoing us.”

Ebbing Tide

Gas revenues to fund the arts? What gas revenues?
Be afraid, Fort Worth. Be very afraid. Late last year, the Fort Worth City Council decided to decrease funding for the nearly 50-year-old Arts Council of Fort Worth, a nonprofit agency that distributes funds to 45 local groups,...

The Modern is one of more than 40 beneficiaries of government funding.

Bass Master

There may be more to this arts-funding fiasco than meets the eye.
So Fall Gallery Night happened last Saturday. Masses of people packed Fort Worth’s multiple galleries and impromptu art spaces, sipping on boxed wine, noshing on cheese cubes, and, of course, admiring the art on display. Ther...

Give ‘Til it Hurts

Jimmy Fowler
Perpetually cash-starved arts organizations – and all of them are – must invent clever ways to pull donations out of reluctant pockets. Entertaining those potential givers is always a good method. With that in mind, Amphibi...